…..and the fish catching was a wee bit rubbish but it was enjoyable to be out in pleasant surroundings, all the same. I went for a couple of hours up to Swanswater with the intent of a wee guddle on the wee ponds, I didn’t think I was up for much more, it was a beautiful day, seasonably cold and clear after a few days of pretty wild weather. River fishing was out on two counts, one I thought the rivers would be high and dirty after the heavy rain we had, ( though maybe this was wrong from what I heard later, at least in the upper reaches of the Clyde), and frankly my feet are killing me or more specifically my left foot, which seems to have swollen up a little and gone a bit lumpy underneath since the New year. So something not to far or strenuous.

The water was very high at Swanswater ( the water was over the banks in places) , I had to go up the main loch as the ponds were full of other anglers with the same idea as me. I usually feel 2 hours is a bit tight on the main loch as you can take that long to find the fish but Alastair was fairly generous with his application of “2 hours” to my ticket and I was on until closing at 4:30pm.

I started with buzzers on an intermediate line but the colour of the water suggested this might be a hard tactic. I swapped ( grudgingly) to lures to try create a bit disturbance. I can’t use the excuse I couldn’t find the fish as they were there right in front of me, the evidence was in the occasional rises and swirls. Nothing, was taking, I never seen anyone catching on the boats that were out though there seemed to be one guy hit a couple of fish in the shallow water behind the bridge to the island.

I worked my way round the bank eventually ending up by the bridge myself. Another angler passed and said he had had nothing all day other than a wee wild Brownie but that the one guy catching ( behind the bridge) was on buzzers under an indicator and had 4 in a few hours. Nothing for it but to switch back to buzzers and I grudgingly put on a fish pimp indicator. I prefer to use a dry of some kind but felt I needed to maximise my chances with three buzzers sub surface and not sacrifice a dropper to a dry for no good reason. There was a fish in the area again making itself known by a few swirls in the area in front of me.

My first cast out with the indicator was just settling when a fish took the indicator! right off the top, bam and turned away with it in its mouth. The line was departing and though I knew it was pointless I had no choice but to lift and when the indicator hit the first dropper knot the fish let go.

It was barely left in place, and that was the sum total of my sport. I even tried on the wee pond on the way back tot he car but nothing was interested there either. The chap who had caught had had them on green buzzers, one of the colours I tried to no avail. But Alastair said from other anglers reports it seemed the fishing went off a bit around mid afternoon when I arrived. Must have brought the loss of appetite with me! Anyway it was still nice to be out and surprisingly light for the time of year and I caught a couple of nice pictures around sunset I thought I would share.

Happy new Year and tightlines for 2015.

A winters sunset

Sunset at Swanswater January 2015

moonrise over Swanswater

and moonrise at Swanswater as the sun was setting