Two weeks of training finally complete and I opted to start out early from down south to try beat the jams around Birmingham and then the major roadworks ( elongated carpark) that is the Staffordshire/Cheshire section of the M6. “Building Smart Motorways” the sign says…the only thing smart about it is staying away. However today for once I seemed to get a bit of a break and wasn’t unduly held up, I don’t think my wheels actually stopped turning while actually on the Motorway.

Having crossed the border and having driven up in glorious weather I opted to stop for my lunch break beside the Clyde and it would be amiss not to wet a line for an hour. After all I have a season ticket that I have struggled to use since the Grayling time.

Brown Trout

A wee wild Clyde Brownie

I pulled off at a favourite wee spot that is easy to access from the road and not much of a trek. Much as I like this place I have not been here for several years. The water was gin clear and there were rings of the odd rising fish here in the wee pool in front of me. Just enough water to fish in an hour- ideal. In winter it hides a bit of a big hole but in the low water conditions of summer the underwater topography is pretty clear to see.
I was going to fish a couple of nymphs but the rising fish tempted me right onto dries and my first couple of patterns were looked at but left. I was much quicker getting onto a tiny midge pattern and while once again there was a bit of a nasty downstream wind, this time I seemed to be able to cast through it mostly OK and the ripple it was creating on the water was helping rather than hindering. My first cast on the midge rose a fish, the next cast hooked one. Just a small Brownie but welcome all the same. I cast over a few more rise shapes but was shown no interest and I decided to quickly tie a dropper,  a pale olive Klink on it, and a wee olive thread Scruffy Nymph below. First cast the Klink dipped but I struck too slow and there was nothing there. I tried again and very next cast a slightly larger brown was on the nymph. I had 5 others all the way up the pool, rose countless others that either missed one or other of the two flies, or looked at it and refused. While I reached the top of the pool and time to stop there was a big hatch of flies but what they were was kind of hard to tell. They looked to be small sedges or something of that ilk. The wind was pretty gusty and I could not get a steady look at one to get an ID.

But great fun and good to be on home water once more.