It was early afternoon yesterday when fishing pal John messaged me asking if I fancied an evening on Carron Valley. It was late in the day for me to arrange an early finish ( by having an early start) so I explained I was Ok to come but as long as I could turn up about 6:30pm rather than the start time of 5 which was well before I was even finished work. I wasn’t sure why CV was picked at the time thinking John must be practising for some competition or other. As it transpired it was just because he fancied it and a nice evening on the big water was OK by me, as I doubt I will get much fishing done this weekend.

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A CV Rainbow

Johns “Alleged” first fish. Because I like John I will beleive he caught it before I arrived. many less charitable souls would decline.

John on CV

John on his lonesome before I joined him

So I made it to CV in time (despite being stuck behind some eejit who decided to take a big RV type vehicle over the Stirling to Carron Bridge Road and wouldn’t use the few wider places to let following traffic pass) and there was John sat out near the dam wall with fish rising all around. Now while there are plenty Brownies in CV some of these risers were Rainbows. John claimed to have caught one while waiting on me and lost a second. But of course I wasn’t there so doesn’t count! He had also regaled me,  when I was speaking to him on the phone and said I find CV a bit of a tough place at times, that last time he was there he had some silly number of fish and the time before something like 28 to the boat….. I could go on. I could pretty well stop writing this blog now as you can predict a mile away what transpired. The Hex was well and truly cast. Would we catch anything, especially once I was there? I am born lucky dear reader…..

Once on the boat, we stayed near the dam for a while, there were loads of fish showing but they didn’t seem terribly interested in my single dry nor the flies John had already claimed success with. John was keen to explore so after about 30 mins we motored up the reservoir and tried one of the many small bays. The trouble was the wind was so indistinct it was incredibly hard to set up for any sort of drift. You were barely moving and sometimes spinning round and then changing direction. Then you would find yourself casting against the very slight breeze that developed ahead of you. It was very frustrating.

John Watson

Smiling as he enjoys my company. After all who wouldn’t ? lol

We moved again changing to the other side of the reservoir. To be honest it was probably worse here. Out from the bank there seemed a little more drift of the boat but the very few fish we seen here seemed to be in near the bank. After a very frustrating hour when we never really fished that well as you felt like you were continually thrashing the same bit water and not really covering fish, we decided enough was enough and headed back to the dam area.

There were still fish showing here and we managed an hour though a bit like Menteith last Saturday you could see them but were getting few responses. I had been through dries and then buzzers then a combination of a small lure, a bushy wet fly and a buzzer and when stripping fast had a wee bit attention from a few fish until eventually, one did have a crack at the Bobs Bits on my top dropper, it was a total smash take and snapped my 6lb tippet dropper with one sharp pull. Earlier I had debated using 8lb or 6lb tippet. I was kind of regretting my decision now.


Sunset at CV

Yet another stunning sunset time. Pity I only had the phone with me to capture it.

I did get one very small Brown trout- a chip fish, to coin a phrase and John had a few pulls and lost one small Brown too. But that hex hung over us on an otherwise very pleasant night in good company and ensured there wouldn’t be 28 fish to our boat. Another great evening to be out though. Can it last?