Sargassum on a beach

The Sargassum seems to be keeping the Bones away but it provides rich pickings for seabirds

The day I went out with Cancun Fly Fishing I took several cameras with me to hopefully capture the moment I caught one of my great “ambition” fish, a Bonefish. As events conspired against me it wasn’t to be. The Bones have not shown up in any numbers this year, they reckon due to the ongoing Sargassum issues that seem to be blighting much of the Carribean, not just the Mexican Carribean. It is no more than a mild inconvenience to the average sun worshipper and the hotels work very hard to clear the weed washed up every day but it does appear to be having a negative impact on the seagrass beds and the Bones like the feeding in amongst the seagrass.

So hopefully one day I will still achieve my ambition. But what to do with all the footage I had? I thought I might as well make a short narrated video of the day so you can maybe see what Tarpon on the fly is like, lots of stalking, watching, pulling the boat through thick mosquito infested mangroves and trying to cast at these elusive and easily spooked fish.