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Rivers last

So the end of the season beckons. I had a day off Friday and took the opportunity to head out onto the River Carron for what will likely be my last river session of the 2016 season. It wasn’t an especially bright or warm day but for early Autumn it certainly could be and soon enough will be, worse.

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A Clyde Joy

I was awake in reasonable time and forced my stiff limbs out of bed and into the shower before dawning my thermal LJ’s and grabbing my wader socks from the sock drawer, them having not seen the light of day for a whole summer.

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Difficult fish

It was utterly gorgeous when I arrived and it looked perfect, with nearly perfectly still water, only the slightest hint of a breeze and the water itself was very clear. There were fish showing on top but if you stood a minute inevitably a fish cruised by about 4 feet down. And there were some big lumps of fish amongst them. Whatever else you could say, if you failed to catch it wasn’t for the lack of fish.

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Three in five F Fly

The odd fish was rising but what was apparent from the second I got out the car was the amount of sedge around. I tied on a wee F Fly (only because it was the first sedge like pattern that came to hand out the box).

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Boak Stops Play

Immediately below the viaduct pool, there are some interesting looking fast runs under the two road bridges. I fished these first and caught probably the smallest fish I have ever caught while fly fishing! A wee minnow on the olive quill jig….. so not a blank then, pressure off 🙂

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