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if Fly fishing were easy….

I was though thinking about this daft, frustrating sport of ours. I seen a few posts on one of those Groups that pops up on facebook of anglers new to the sport complaining that they had been out a few times and never caught a thing. Fly fishing is NOT an easy sport. If it was the easiest form of fishing, our angling shops and tackle emporia would not be able to move live or dead bait, spinners or other lures. Everyone would be fly fishing. You wouldn’t be able to walk by a stretch of life supporting water without being lashed by a fly line.

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A Brisk Clyde Outing

If Costa coffee opened a branch near this section of the Clyde on Sunday I think I would have ended up watching from the comfy seats and having something hot with a cake instead of trying to battle the elements.

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Seeing them not take is worse than not catching

I set my rod up with a single stalking bug, I always like to have a wee “footer” round the mouth of the burn before I start in earnest, as most anglers walk right by the spots where fish often hide out. My leader was a bit on the long side for this style of fishing but I made do and plopped the white and red bug by the foot bridge. Immediately a BIG rainbow popped out and looked to be about to take the bug but then it turned and vanished again. Another go and this time from where I wasn’t quite sure, but an even bigger, Golden Trout appeared, but again it didn’t like what it was seeing and turned away at the last moment. It makes for good fun!

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Here be Dragons

On a slight side note, over on the south side I seen two stunning red, what I took to be at the time, Dragonflies. Now before someone corrects me here. I have checked my facts and am confident these were dragonflies not damsels.

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