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The hot pegs

Four hours credit in hand I made my way up to the main loch and found a spot that allowed me to fish into the bank that was down wind, the wind was pretty strong at times but I fanced keeping to the down wind side to see if fish were following along with the stuff you seem t hear and read a lot that you should try fishing in to a wind at these sort of venues rather than taking the easy option and getting the wind behind you. Well it did nothing for me, I never had a touch on the beaded Fireman lure I started with on a floating line. The floater was adequate with a long leader to allow me to be sure my fly was getting down up the top end as I was catching bottom now and again.

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The 500

There are Buzzers, Nymphs, Jigs, Perdigones, Wet Flies, Dry Flies, and mini Lures all in a a wee fly box.

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Genocide on Clyde

I also noticed how green the wee caddis grubs were so I changed my point fly for another small black bug with a green tag to see if it made any difference. Almost right away I had another fish though I have to say as I fished down there seemed to be a marked preference for my wee black bug with a red butt tag. Size wise it was near identical to the cased caddis and I do think this is what the fish were on.

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The Rugby Ball

As we made our way we thought some water we were passing looked worth somewhere to float a trout or Grayling so he entered upstream of me. I think John decided he wanted to keep loose before me and after a few minutes he was out and heading upstream again. I decided to stay with it here , the brown water was a little shallow but I hoped I might find a little deeper water within reach so decided to stay dookin’ it out. After covering a fair bit here I wasn’t showing much signs of squeezing a lump out of here so found a spot to exit and headed on up myself.

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