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Strain Stops Play

Before a vision of my 50 odd-year-old wreck of a physique engaging in acrobatic bedroom “antics” ┬áputs you off your tea, breakfast and countless other meals for days, I need to elaborate

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Hanak Superlight 34

I was after a new reel to go with my Hanak Czech Nymph Champion 4 in 1 rod and Sunray World Championship Nymph line and after looking at a few alternatives settled on this new reel from Hanak. In particular it had to meet three criteria.

Large Arbor
Light as possible
Black or no shine finish
The Hanak reel satisfies on all these points. It’s a simple reel with left and right wind possibilities, is feather light, and yet actually manages to pack a drag into its minuscule frame.

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Hardy Marksman Reel #3/4

I was looking for a lightweight river reel to go with my new Hanak Czech Nymph Champion #3, 4 in 1 as I want to be able to set it up alongside my XF2 Streamflex when out Grayling fishing. Having the LRH Lightweight on the XF2...

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Hardy LRH Lightweight reel

I have a Hardy LRH lightweight as my river fishing reel, as its so light and small- an ideal match for my Greys Streamflex XF2 plus and its 4# line. It was the reel I bought along with the Dicksons rod over 30 years ago for my Dad so its hardly new though, it is in pretty good nick and certainly does not look its years. Admittedly the case is getting a bit tatty as the plastic is perishing with age.

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Greys X-Flite Fly Reel (#5/6)

So there was a conundrum. I wanted more spools for my Greys GRXi reels to use with my Pitsford Pirates lines as I want to be able to bag them up and take them with me when away on business and looking for a spot of fishing of an...

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