Hanak Superlight 34 reel

Hanak Superlight 34 reel

I was after a new reel to go with my Hanak Czech Nymph Champion 4 in 1 rod and Sunray World Championship Nymph line and after looking at a few alternatives settled on this new reel from Hanak. In particular it had to meet three criteria.

  1. Large Arbor
  2. Light as possible
  3. Black or no shine finish

The Hanak reel satisfies on all these points. It’s a simple reel with left and right wind possibilities, is feather light, and yet actually manages to pack a drag into its minuscule frame.

Hanak Superlight on the river

Hanal Superlight 34 on my Czech Nymph Champion rod.

Only criticism I have of it, and it’s one you would get over once you know, is the lack of any instructions on how to remove the spool or convert from left to right hand wind. The conversion issue isn’t a biggie in itself, I worked out what was needed as soon as look at it though it was clearly going to require spool removal, however the former- getting the spool off was a different matter. There is no obvious securing lever or mechanism which leaves pulling the spool off with sheer brute force the only remaining option. I gave it a few pulls to see if it was going to release but it didn’t feel like it was, it felt like I might break it and I really didn’t want to damage it, so emailed John Emerson of Uniqueflies where I got the reel, to confirm. Indeed it is a pull off spool but it does require some force. I decided to make a wee video for anyone else having the same issue. It’s very tight and there is a noticeable pop of suction when you manage to free it.

However first impressions are great, it really is “superlight” and I love it.

Removal of Spool and right to left hand wind conversion Hanak Superlight 34