Glensherup fishery is located fairly close to Stirling as the crow flies but is about a 19 mile drive depending which route you choose, hidden as it is on the North Side of the Ochil Hills in Glendevon.

Finding Glensherup Trout Fishery:

To find Glensherup Trout Fishery first you need to get onto the Glendevon road that runs between Gleneagles to the west and Muckhart to the East. The route that brings you here will depend on where you are coming from either the A9 or M90.

The trout fishery entrance is well enough signposted but as its an old sign it’s not “in your face” so take care watching for it. As a guide when coming from the west end, once you pass the obvious entry to Frandy Fishery, keep your eyes on the right hand side- it’s about half a mile or so after this.

When coming from Muckhart, it’s after the Tormauchen Inn that you need to be watching the left hand side of the road. If you get to Frandy you have passed it!

Once at the entrance the reservoir is about a mile off the main road up a twisty narrow access road, there are a couple of gates on this though only one was closed when I visited. The small lodge/hut is situated near the dam end of the reservoir. Be aware this is a functioning reservoir used for drinking water supplies so is subject to the usual restrictions on usage.

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Access Road

OK, should be fine in most cars. Watch the narrow bridge over the River Devon at the foot of the track though, and keep speed down on the tight bends too.


Public Transport:

None,  not easily accessible by any other means but car ( or helicopter!). A taxi would probably be quite expensive from Dollar, Muckhart, or maybe Dunblane ( nearest place son main bus routes i can think of)

Contact: 01259 781631

Species: Rainbow, Blue and Brown trout (Brown’s are wild) .

Other Species: Unknown

Size: 24 Acres


A boat enjoys the fishing at Glensherup
Anglers enjoying the fine weather and pleasant surroundings of Glensherup

Glensherup Trout Fishery is located in the hidden glen of Glendevon at the back of the Ochil Hills. Fishing is done on a per day or per evening basis with option for Catch and Release, a bag limit of 3 or 5 fish. It’s up to you. As fishing is from 09:00 to 16:30, the 2012 fee of £14 for Catch and release including a boat has to be considered something of a bargain day out on stocked trout fisheries for a single angler. Booking while not 100% necessary on weekdays, is advisable and for the sake of a phone call to ensure you don’t waste a trip, is well worth the effort. The fishery has about 10 boats, they are VERY stable craft but only come with a set of very heavy oars that look like they equipped one of Hadrians Galleys when the Romans were up this way!

Bring Your Own Propulsion

You are at liberty to bring your own boat propulsion ( most anglers had electric outboard’s with them) but rowing is not too big a deal for a single angler as long as its not too windy. I would imagine rowing for two anglers with all their kit would be “challenging”. Anchoring is allowed, and there are also fixed moorings in the water to save deploying the anchor over the deeper locations. Evening tickets are available in summer during the longer evenings.

It is a very scenic location, though one regular told me it used to be even more so before the trees on the East bank were cut down. It did not add anything to the fishing apparently when they were there but it just looked nicer! There is adequate car parking, and a small wooden lodge. the manager might make you a bacon roll if you are there first thing, tea and coffee is also available.

On the bank

Bank fishing is permitted, I would not advise wading though as it looks very deep even on the edges, and locations to fish from the bank seemed limited. Boat fishing is definitely preferrable here. The fishery is surprisingly, open all year round weather permitting. I would imagine it must get very cold up here in winter with no ability to deice the water. Phone before heading there “out of season”.

There is no mobile network coverage here.



Tea and coffee in the hut, but I wasn’t aware  of any tackle being available to buy or rent. Engines are not for hire for the boats.

Personal Opinions:

Glensherup is a hidden gem of a place. It’s not somewhere I have personally heard many anglers mention they have fished, but in the market of stocked Rainbow Trout Fisheries, it’s a wonderful place. It’s not too big to cover in a day for a new visitor , it’s a very intimate fishery, I found the few anglers that were out on it, a mix of regulars and those less familiar, were all happy both to exchange chat, advice and make space for each other.

Friendly Regulars

A couple of regulars I spoke to before I went out were only too happy to give me an idea of where to try, and one had photos of the reservoir when it was very low and showed me the contours and features of what lies beneath the surface. It seems to be pretty well stocked and while there were one or two areas fishing better than others, in point of fact there were fish everywhere. The word was that the fresh stockies tend to cruise the dam and the east corner of the dam wall, whereas the resident fish tend to move down to the reed fringed area at the south end.

The fishery manager was very friendly and welcoming extending this to making a bacon roll prior to venturing out on the water, and helping the anglers in and out with their boats. I am almost reluctant to post this review as it seems like a secret worth keeping!


Value for money:

Very good, picturesque surroundings, very cheap for a day ticket with a boat.


Catch and Release Policy:

Very Good. C&R  is available on request, and ticket prices vary by bag limit chosen: three or five fish.


Website and Facebook:

Fishing reports are fairly up to date and a modern format with all information given clearly laid out. Some mention of the lack of outboards would have been welcome and the map for finding the place is not too clear. No Facebook presence.



Taking all things  above into consideration I would rate Glensherup a very high 4.  Purely on a day out fishing experience it’s a five no bones about it, its a great location, great fishing and very friendly and intimate in gin clear water. The one thing that stops me from giving it a full five is the one reason I would probably fish there less than I would like to and that’s the lack of either petrol or electric propulsion for hire for the boats. For an older or infirm angler without their own engine, Glensherup is out-of-bounds. I know with my limited issues with Arthritis it was a bit of a struggle rowing the boat back to the pier at the end of the day into a fairly mild headwind. Make motors available and I think I would be there a lot.( In fairness it’s probably this that keeps the prices down). A total gem of a place.