Elinor Trout Fishery is a water of about 50 acres near Corby in Northamptonshire. It is classed as a small stillwater but at this size is very much on the fringe of small getting on for moderately sized.

Fishing is from the bank or boat, if you plan on fishing from the bank, you will need waders for all but a few spots, and at the very least wellies.

The water is gin clear and water can be fairly deep close in and shelves off to about 20 odd feet in the middle. It does not tolerate a lot of fishing pressure and consequently fish can lie well off the bank if its been a busy day, so be prepared to fish at a distance. Locals regard it a great top of the water venue in summer evening sessions.

Finding Elinor:

Harviestoun is fairly easy to find, being only a few miles from Corby  and Kettering. ABout the hardest thing to finding the fishery is when you reach the end of the road near the entrance there is a sort of triangle type junction inthe road and you could misunderstand the signage directing you to the fishery lodge. The track on the right from the triangle down a rough track is the correct route.

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Access road: A littel rough, looks to have been patched for some serious potholes, just take your time.

Public Transport: Not being local I am not truely sure but would be surprised if there was a public transport service running near the fishery, however it would be a relatively short taxi ride from Corby or Kettering.

Contact: 01832 720786

Species: Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout.

Other Species: Pike and Perch.


The Elinor fishery is fairly large by small stillwater standards. It has a number of boats available as well as fishing from the bank. You would be wise to take at the veryleast, thight waders as some areas are fairly weedy and shallow near the bank and it pays to wade out a bit.

Elinor trout fishery

View over the fishery from the lodge end

Facilities: Tea and coffee in the lodge,  a small selection of flies and light tackle is available- fluorocarbon etc .  There are toilets opposite the lodge. I beleive it is a Troutmasters water.

Personal Opinions:

A pleasant and tranquil still water, with a number of interesting nooks and crannies that are worth exploring. Its a very clear water fishery and fishing pressure can send the fish out into the deeps some distance from the bank. It get credited with being a great top of the water location in summer, though my own visits did not back this up due to foul weather conditions.

As there are no fixed castin glocations there are no places to dispose of line etc. so take it with you, there are lots of waterfowl nesting in the banks and sheep also wader round the waters edge.

Value for money: Good, nice surroundings, you can opt to take fish  and once bagged up fish on C&R or fish C&R all day if you like.

Catch and Release Policy: Very Good Very good, no specific sporting ticket you can choose to tak eor return fish, and at tim eof writing there is a 6 fish bag limit for day tickets, but use barbless/debarbed hooks, on C&R.

Website: GoodA very modern easy to navigate and informative website. There are fishery reports but they are not kept fully up to date from what I can see.


Overall: GoodThe weather was not kind on my visit which was during the Airflo masters event so angling pressure was maximal. Its a place I hope to visit again one day in nicer weather and when its a bit quieter.