Fly Fish Islay 2017

It likely won’t be winning any awards for fly fishing videos but I have pulled together hours and hours of clips of various cameras I was carrying to make this short ( ish) wee video showing some of the highlights of the week. There were a lot more fish caught than the video shows but you can only have the cameras running so much of the time and in typical fashion, you would catch when it was off. Bottom line it was a fishing break where I took a camera, not a filming project….


Loch Ballygrant

Loch Ballygrant. Well managed and nice boats. We did not fish here but seen it on our travels

I think I was in double figures on two days and a few of my better fish were not on camera. Most were shy of a pound but wild as the day is long and it is great sport. All the lochs we fished were so different, from rugged wild hilltop lochs you can only reach with considerable effort and planning to carefully tended waters where you need only grab your gear and step into a beautifully maintained boat. It was definitely a hugely enjoyable and varied trip.



Sea trout fishing

Sea trout fishing on Islay

For me the Sea trout fishing was only something I could take in small doses, I found the wading through wet sand was particularly hard on my hips and it became too much of a distraction to be enjoyable for me especially in conjunction with it being “heavier” fishing like pulling lures on a windy trout fishery- not really my cup of tea and why I likely will never lift a salmon rod in anger either.


A few of the party spent a lot more time on the Sea Trout and there were a few caught on Saturday after I had already headed for the boat. They are there to be caught you just need to put the time in and be there when they are “on”. It can become a bit of a frustrating obsession though and if you spend all your time doing it you might come away with a big fat blank for all your hard work.

Islay whisky

Ample opportunities to try a few drams both from and from without, the Island of Islay

Hospitality on the trip was great and I now have a much wider appreciation of Islay ( and other) whiskies! Lots of laughs and new friends made. Undoubtedly there are lots of ways I could have made the trip cheaper but you can’t always attach a value to an “experience” and for me anyway it was great to have fished in new places, meeting new people, a change of environment, and a lot of freedom in what you could do fishing wise, there was no pressure to follow any set plan, if you wanted to do something different from the group you were accommodated and helped to do it which worked for me.

If you have ever fancied fishing Islay ( like I have) even if you are very inexperienced in fly fishing, you will have a great time on a trip organised through Fly Fish Islay. They accommodate all levels of ability, and interests and especially if you are on your own but eager for a fishing break it is ideal. You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel right at home from the off, with a few dram’s waiting for you on arrival along with a box of flies for your trip.

Thanks for the memories- it already feels like a lifetime ago and seemed to go so fast.