The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Wickhams Fancy Bob Fly

Wickhams Fancy Bob Fly

Ginger CDC

A wee ginger F Fly on a curved hook- came out OK the ginger CDC I thought.

Time for fishing has been disappointingly limited this week but the Bank Holiday provided a space in the calendar to get out. If the wind allowed! I have managed to tie a few flies though and even took the opportunity on Saturday afternoon to dye some CDC when I stumbled across the Ginger dye I had been looking for for ages in Angling Active. I was quite pleased with the results. I also tried my hand at tying a few Wickhams Fancy in a bushy bob fly style ( see Davy McPhails YouTube video for instructions). I tend to shy away from winged wets, mainly because I am crap at winged flies but these came out acceptable I thought. One of the club members from Pendriech was telling me this was his killer pattern up there for the Brownies. It isn’t one I have tried, to be honest. Now I have no excuse.

Out the back garden this morning it was pleasantly warm even with a slightly blustery wind. I set about heading out but a few domestic issues meant I didn’t actually get out until after one. I went up to Pendreich but as I arrived at the gate another club member was coming toward me, leaving. We got talking and Will said it was pretty hard going at the water with the wind near to unfishable. I decided to head for shelter somewhere and with time pressing on by now just stayed local and headed to Swanswater.

While the car park was fairly busy the smaller ponds were not too busy and as I was just looking to wet a line out the worst of the wind I opted for two hours on the wee ponds.

Alastair told me it had been fishing well this last week between 12 and 6pm before going quiet. He said the cause appeared to be clouds of black gnats coming off the water and the fish gorging on them.

The Bad

I set up with a three fly cast of a buzzer on point, a black Pennel on the middle dropper and a Kate McLaren on top dropper. Not too many casts in I had a knock but on retrieving the line had a  Perch on. The wind was pretty stiff so I was casting either over my wrong shoulder or backward to keep the flies away from me.

A fly change and with a few fish showing in the calmer water opposite I swapped the point fly for a Bobs Bits and put buzzers on the droppers, washing line style.

I did get a fish look at the dry but it dropped back short and nothing else indicated much interest. I was going to put a heavy nymph on point next but on opening my fly patch spotted a daphnia Orange blob from my outing at Menteith last week and as these are heavy patterns decided why not.

The Ugly

Rainbow on a Blob

A yob on a Blob. Not everyone’s ideal method of Fly fishing but sometimes any port in a storm

The first cast I had a pull, I lifted but it didn’t hook up and the fish splashed on the top. I was not sure what it had taken. Suspicion had to be the blob but honestly, I was not sure. Other anglers were asking me as I think it was the first real sign of activity on the pond. I fished on and after another knock finally hooked into a fish, on the blob. Pleased to finally have had a fish ( albeit on a Blob!) I fished on but the wind was getting so cold I had to stop to get a cup of coffee and get another jacket on to keep the heat in.

More Bad

I decided to put a heavy nymph on when I returned in place of the Blob. Right away I could feel wee pulls and on lifting had another Perch. A few more casts and I was getting more of these wee plucks, as I was pestered by pesky piscatorial Perch.  Around this time some space became available on the bank opposite so I decided to move to get the wind from my left and over the calmer water. I initially left the nymph on but this only attracted another Perch. Then the wind dropped for about 20 mins and fish suddenly were rising, though to what was far from obvious.

The Good

Rainbow Trout

Second Rainbow on the Bobs Bit’s

I removed the nymph and put on a Bits again. I think I rose 3 fish but none actually took the fly, over the calm water. I decided to step down to lighter tippet, well degreased. Then on one long cast right out in front, a fish took the Bits right off the top and I had my second fish. And on a dry which was pleasing.

As the wind again returned things tailed off again but it was finishing time for me. Not the bonanza I maybe thought was possible initially but then again I never saw any other fish caught so I was happy with my results.