Grabbing a Window

The weather has been really poor for the time of year. I have seen comments online stating spring is about 2 weeks late. Frankly, I would argue its a month behind! I was out a short walk today and you would see no signs that spring was here or even around the corner. The Snow covered Trossachs were shrouded in cloud and it was cold wet and utterly miserable.

However….there is always one of those…. ( a however). Sunday, April Fools or Easter Day however you want to view it, had a small window of better weather than of late and preceded the cold turn we have been expecting for today, Monday. So while it was far from warm I used the break to wet a line for the first time at Pendreich. I was far from hopeful it would be productive but what the hell, it seemed time to have a look.

It was surprisingly calm up the hill and was no more breezy than at home and but for a lot of Easter ramblers, there was no one around.  As I was setting up, one of my club friends, and near neighbour, Will turned up and we chewed the fat a bit on our winter activities before I set out to have my first cast of the season. There was a very slight southerly wind as I arrived but by the time I was tackled up it was almost totally still and the loch was close to mirror flat. You could see loads of buzzer shucks on the surface being pushed into the edges near the dam. In fact, the wee Chironomids that had hatched off were quite evident hovering around in clouds. Watching out on the loch a fish rose right out in the middle. Far out of reach of any angler as there is no boat for now.

I went round and started my fishing near the boat mooring, Will for his part had his waders on and headed up the east end which was fishable in the conditions.

Fishing at Pendreich

Nice to get out for a cast in some “spring” sunshine… well spring-like

The sun made an appearance and though I was still well wrapped up, it did become pleasantly warm for a while. this, in turn, seemed to bring a few midges up and a few fish then followed behind. Most were well beyond casting range however but for a short time a few fish rose just n the limit of casting range and I managed to at least cover them and feel there might be an opportunity to net something. By now there must have been 5 anglers on the water though there were loads of folk walking and a few ignorant individuals who think it’s OK to throw balls into the water and have their pets chase them, not just away from the anglers but just to the side! What level of stupid and selfish do you have to be?

I ended up asking one to take his dog out. Any hope of fishing some of the spots so disturbed evaporated with these peoples actions. I wonder how they would feel were I to walk into their gardens and jump in their ponds, or just do as I please in their property? The loch is leased by the club it is to all intents and purposes our property for the season.

flies, I tried a few patterns, a wee micro lure /bushy wet fly pattern, in essence, the colours of a yellow dancer tied very short, ( it caught me one of my best early season fish ever up there once), some small olive and black buzzers patterns, diawl bachs, beaded nymphs and a few black spider/wet patterns and though I covered a few fish quite well they never responded in kind.

I did spot Will apparently returning a fish but later learned it was a small Jack Pike. It had taken a small nymph pattern and he was saying it was the first he had ever had there.

The wind eventually turned to the east again and it got very cold, too cold for my hands and I decided to call it a day, as did Will. No one had caught a fish in the time I was there but the log suggested someone got lucky earlier in the day. But it still feels very much like winter.