Finally on the Scoresheet

It’s been a hard few weeks and between the crap weather and the aches and pains, my motivation to get out hasn’t been what it should be.  To be frank I don’t feel I have missed much, as it still feels like the opening week of a conventional season, not a whole month in.

  • Saturday I should have got out but that motivation just wasn’t there but Sunday I definitely felt the need to get a pull on the line, but it was a wee bit gusty, to say the least. Back to Pendriech which once again was bleak and grey looking and this time with a strong East-South Easterly ( the forecast has said South Westerly) and a very lumpy loch. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be easy to fish, and clearly, most of the membership felt the same as I was there on my own.

    Nothing going on but these ducks

    Only me and these here Ducks

    Making my way along the bank I thought I saw a fish move in the waves just out from shore and it encouraged me to head into a corner I rarely fish as usually the grass is a bit high and the marginal weeds a bit of a nuisance. However the lochside grass is flat and yellow for the most part around the loch, I suspect due to the later snows, and the non-appearance of Spring.


    Fed up

    The fed-up face. After a couple of hours with only one tentative pull I was feeling a bit jaded at this point.

    A few casts out with my three fly team of a Possum nymph on point, Diawl Bach in the middle and a Bibio on the top dropper and I seen a couple of splashy rises in the vicinity of the wet fly and the gold flash of a fish turning away near one of my droppers. So I was right enough there were fish in this area. But two complete fly changes and later on a line change to intermediate and I was still fishless.


    I decided to move on and fished halfway around the entire loch and had but one slight pull to show for it, though I was not certain which fly had elicited interest. This was very hard work. At times the sun tried to make a partial appearance and it was quite pleasant out the wind in the sun. The wind at least was not actually cold, it had a mildness to it that I have not felt for some time. But it made fishing hard. I had just started on a promontory when Will ( see the last post from Pendrich) arrived. He was shocked at the strength of the wind but was keen to have a few casts though the weather was far from conducive to efforts, and as he observed, it started to turn colder.

    We spent probably a good half hour blethering, frankly, I was glad for the break and the chance to sit down out the wind in the comfort of two big lumps of soft moss that formed like an armchair around you when you sat in it. As we parted ways I decided I had had enough and made my way back to sign out but at the last minute decided a few more casts at my starting point as I was sure there were fish there.

  • Brown Trout being returned

    Big Spots. First fish of the season had some big spots.

    By now I had changed flies several times over and on the point now was a Bloody Butcher in about a size ten. Like last season I have decided ( especially when all else is failing me) to give the trad wets a swim. Within three casts I had a proper hard pull. So I cast again to the same spot and this time, finally, I had a nice Brownie with huge spots to the net. It had taken a Skinny Cormorant on the middle dropper. After about another six more casts a second fish was hooked and this one slightly smaller than the first had taken the Butcher. Blank averted I was content to leave it at that and time to get home out the wind. At least my season now feels properly started.

    Will got one too but he too had had enough fighting the wind and was leaving behind me, He also said the Osprey has made a return and managed a fish almost as soon as it arrived.