Green Frog Trout Fishery, is part of the Green Frog Garden and Leisure Centre, in Moffat.

Finding Green Frog Trout Fishery:

I am making the assumption that 90% of people looking at going to Green Frog Trout Fishery and reading this page will be travelling from somewhere other than Moffat and will in most cases come from the M74 either North or Southbound.

Shop and Car Park of Green Frog

The shop and car park of Green Frog

Access road:  5-stars

Very Good. Green Frog Trout Fishery is just outside the town centre of Moffat, though retains an air of tranquillity, as Moffat is not a big place. The access road is fine, though be aware it shares access to Moffat Academy from the A708 so there might be lots of school kids around on school days. There is also a Caravan site on the site so there might be both pedestrians coming and going and caravans being towed. Plenty car parking.

Public Transport: 5-stars

On the assumption that if coming from a distance and not coming by car, you would want to come by bus, Green Frog Fishery is a stone’s throw from the town centre so should be easily walkable from there. I have no local knowledge of bus routes but image there are some local bus routes that pass the access road too.

Contact: 01683 221 220

Species: Rainbow, Blue, Tiger, Brook and Brown trout (stocked) I don’t think the pond contains wild fish as it doesn’t appear to connect to any natural water courses.

Other Species: Unknown

Size: Fly Pond 4 Acres

The bait pond I would estimate to be about one-third the size of the Fly pond.


Green Frog Trout Fishery is actually two ponds one which is exclusively fly only, the other (smaller) is a bait fishing pond. I understand you may fly fish the bait pond though check on site, and obviously bait anglers will have priority so don’t expect them to move to let you in!

Green Frog Trout Fishery is somewhat unusual ( in my experience of fly fishing in Scotland) of being a gin clear spring water fed lochan. I assume it is man made but looks to have been in place a while and is very mature looking Green Frog Trout Fishery seems very well tended with neatly trimmed verges, benches around the site to rest your feet if you have spent hours standing or walking around the water.

The pond is largely oval in shape with two islands, one you can access to fish from, the other being inaccessible, being left to develop naturally with trees and shrubs. Being gin clear there is an abundance of weed. However, the depth is deceptive and the water is likely deeper than you initially think so if fishing with a floating line you won’t encounter too much problem with the growing weed.

Keeping it Tidy

On my visit I noted the keepers were busy removing dead weed by the trailer full and there seem to be lots of rakes around the site to allow weed to be removed should the need arise. The keepers have also run a rope with floating planks across the water. I think this is to contain the floating dead weed that comes from the water from being able to drift round the entire fishery.

The dead weed forms “slicks” which might initially be unappealing to fish near as we all know the hassle of getting weeded up flies but don’t be too fast to dismiss it as an area as the fish feel safe under the matted debris. The slick will move around the loch as the wind changes so doesn’t totally render any area as unfishable on a day’s visit. I would say it’s part of the character of the place.

But the BIG attraction at Green Frog Trout Fishery is being able to see the fish. You can see cruising fish very clearly ( Polaroid sunglasses are ESSENTIAL), but there are loads more fish you can’t see lurking beneath the lush growth. Lob a stalking bug in and be surprised what appears!

Of course all this means the fish can see you too so stealth is essential.

Facilities: 5-stars

Tea and coffee, home bakes and more substantial fare in the cafe. There is a wee anglers bothy on site too to shelter if the weather takes a turn or you simply want somewhere to eat a packed lunch. If you are a caravanner, you can park on site with a loch to fish literally outside your door!

Panorama of Green Frof Fishery

Panoramic view of the loch from the east bank. Mid image is the wild island, the ground opposite on the left is the island you can fish from.

Personal Opinions on Green Frog Trout Fishery:

It has taken me a long time to get round to visiting the Green Frog Trout Fishery. As I like to fish the River Annan especially in winter and you are never 100% confident of the conditions to be found, I often pack some stocky bashing gear in the car in case the river is blown or rained off. I have often kept Green Frog Trout Fishery in mind as the plan B.

A Plan B

As it transpires, I have never had to use Plan B and I have not found myself nearby for any other reason to try the fishing  while in the area. A friend pointed out a Groupon deal for the fishery recently and it was such a bargain I felt it was worth taking and making the journey. I wasn’t disappointed. However be warned it can be a challenging water and the fish can be very wary ( at least they were on my visit). I have heard of some big bags being caught using some methods.

Very much a stalking water, the nearest comparison I can think of that I have fished is Chirk near Llangollen, in Wales ( albeit that is smaller).

Another thing that struck me was the friendly and helpful staff on site, both in the shop/cafe and the lads looking after the fishery ponds. All were very welcoming and helpful. Well done Green Frog Trout Fishery, I can think of some places that would do well to learn from your customer service ethos!

Angler stalking at Green Frog

Stalking: a Stalkers, water watching the reaction of the fish you can seek out and target. Polaroids are essential.

Value for money5-stars

Fantastic as there appears to be no time limit, the rates are based on fish taken., with one fish it is £15 a day plus C&R. If you can get a Groupon deal even better- I paid £9 for a days fishing ( with one taken fish if I had wanted), and a cup of tea and a roll and hot filling. What a bargain! At the time of writing ( 26th August 2017) the deal was available again!

Catch and Release Policy:5-stars


Website: 4-stars

Easy to find information on the fishery as part of the bigger leisure offering and clear easy to follow pricing. No fishing reports. Nice modern website.

Overall: 5-stars

A great small stillwater fishery, maybe a bit out the way for the average central Scotland angler to be a regular haunt, but worth an ocassional trip down the M74. If you are maybe on a weekend break in the area worth a visit. A great contrast and challenge to the usual let clear water fisheries in Scotland. You will soon get to know whats working or nnot as you can see every fish’s reaction!