Ladies Day

No, not a post about Grayling fishing, I think my Grayling targetting is probably done for this side of the summer, no, today I decided to have a couple of hours out on my last Stockie bashing session of the trout closed season.

To be honest, I probably shouldn’t have gone as the old arthritis has been bothering me a bit this weekend and while I find moving tends to help ( at the time) I can soon find myself hurting quite badly. Just grin and bear it, I wasn’t out for a long distance expedition, I headed round to good old Swanswater. One motivator for me was also that today was an Old Firm Derby and that means quiet fisheries. I always like to be out on these football occasions as so few anglers turn, out.

The huge surprise though was when I arrived, how many lady anglers were out. I don’t think I have ever seen so many in one place. In fact, I think there were probably more lady anglers at Swanswater than males. That has to be a first, and how appropriate as it has been Mothers Day. And they were catching too, a group on the Mill Pond were into fish as I was tackling up.

I decided though to give the main water a go and it was very quiet. Alastair and one of the regulars fishing off the dam wall told me it had been very slow going and in fact three boats had been out in the morning and all blanked. The only area where fish were being caught was at the back of the island and the two pegs either side of the heavily overhung channel both had anglers on them. I wasn’t to be deterred though and went to the next nearest peg on the island in the hope a few fish were to be found in the bigger channel facing the road. I thought I might try the wee red buzzer on point again, I had found so successful at Woodburn a few weeks back… after all, I had tied half a dozen new ones…..but then “Houston we have a problem”. I had stupidly left them all lying on my fly tying desk. I still had one with me but it was very shredded and on my fly patch. Sod it, it was going on.

Silvery Blue

Silvery Blue, I think this fish has had a close shave with a cormorant.

Four casts after starting and I was glad I had… I was into my first fish a very silvery Trout, probably a blue though not “that” blue, in actuality. The fish went back after a great fight when it jumped back out the net as I was scooping it up. However, success was short-lived, As I managed to wrap my point fly around an overhanging branch across the channel, and in trying to break it off I lost the entire three fly cast.


grey looking Swanswater

The first couple of hours were grey and dismal looking but by the end of the session the sun was shining and it was nice.

The guy next to me who I think had had about 5-6 fish out the narrow channel (before I arrived) between the two islands, said he had been catching on lures and they didn’t seem too fussy. I tried a Mini-Cat on point for a while but failed to get any interest. My droppers were small spiders as there were wee tiny midges coming off and I hoped they might work too.  Nothing. I decided to return to the red point fly idea and tied on a wee unweighted Squirmy wormy. Almost right away I hooked into a fish but misfortune once more played its part, it was quite near an aerator and the fish took my line close enough to the securing rope under the water that one of my droppers snagged. I could (initially) feel the fish but it evidently got itself off as I tried to recover the snagged flies. All my flies came back to had, one with a very widened gape, but no fish was by now attached. Unfortunate.

By now the two guys catching in the narrow channel had also encountered a lull and it was to stay pretty quiet now until ending time. For a wee while I tried in the shallow pool between the burn mouth and the channel and did get one good pull which turned out was when a fish grabbed my squirmy, pulling off the lower “tail” not taking the hook.

From then on I tried a few places and a few flies but couldn’t buy a bite, but by now the weather was really nice and I was just enjoying the day out. Roll on the 15th.