Hot Red Buzzer

I received a few enquiries what the wee red buzzer I was using at the weekend at Woodburn. The Hot Red Buzzer has been a staple of my fly box for many years, and has pulled out fish on many occasions when a blank was looming, and when all around me were unhappy anglers with no success at attracting the fish. I once turned up at a local fishery where everyone was struggling, tied one of these on and had my bag limit in under an hour. I was asked if I was using Powerbait!  I call it a Hot Red Buzzer – I guess it is really hot orange!

I didn’t come up with this, I originally saw it, if I recall correctly, in a copy of Trout Fisherman Magazine around 2010 or 2011.

I can’t say it ALWAYS works but on a cold winters day on the point of my leader it is definitely a go to pattern.

It’s very easy to tie needs minimal materials so beginners can try this too.

Hope the video is clear enough for you to follow.


  • Hot Orange UTC in 70 Denier- use UNI if it is all you have just limit the number of thread wraps you use when building up the body.
  • #16 pearl mylar
  • Cheeks- Blue holographic tinsel (optional)
  • Bead, gold or silver 2mm-2.5mm is big enough, it has zero resistance- it’s going to sink! Too big requires you to build up the thorax to get a smooth join with the thread.
  • Hook- Any buzzer hook size 10-16
  • Varnish or UV resin to coat the body