Little Sign of Life

I haven’t been out all week, much to my chagrin, but a couple of hours on the river was in order last night and I headed own to the Carron ( again) and went to where I had had a fair bit of success at the weekend. As well as fishing this spot, I wanted to try a bit I had seen but never been able to reach. I was kind of hoping the rain of the days before would have lifted things again without making these harder to reach areas too inaccessible.

Spent spinners

Spent flies were strewn over the slower waters having done their life’s work. Nothing eating them though.

The pool near where I parked was quite busy with bait anglers in their chesties…. well actually bare chests. It seemed like they had spent the day there judging by the colour of them- lobsters! Despite that, they hadn’t had a fish. I learned as I was leaving later. I made my way across a shallow pool and it was evident the recent rain had filled things up a bit as this spot was like a cut off pond at the weekend, it’s now back with the river. I did notice it was strewn with spent flies and tucked this information away in case the fish were on them.

Fly rod and "protection"

Getting lucky?

On my way to my chosen spot I run a wee team of bugs through some fast water and was immediately rewarded by a small Brown Trout. So that was promising. I carried on down and having come equipped for dry fly fishing and nymphing, was watching for something to rise. I was in no rush. There was a certain pleasure in the anticipation of casting a line and I was content to enjoy the moment.  I had a laugh when I laid down my dry fly rod to see it was beside…well, let’s just say was there a suggestion  I was about to “get lucky”. Luckier than the person that bought the still sealed packet evidently!

Nothing showed so ai Started to throw out my small team of bugs working my way to where I was sure I would get some action. Nothing. Not even a knock, so onward upstream into some faster water, and that’s where I lost my full cast snagged in the ferns on the far side trying to cover tight into the edge. I didn’t want to crash in and recover the flies as I wanted to fish this out, so having replaced my entire team of bugs I restarted and fished on. Nothing. I went back to recover the lost flies and you know what? Despite knowing exactly where the 1kg tippet broke and even the sprig of fern that seemed to do the damage they weren’t there. River three angler nil.

New water

I liked the look of this section but nothing was making its presence known

I decided it was time to try waters new and headed downstream and it was a bit of an adventure but I managed to get to this secluded spot without resorting to charging through the water I wanted to fish.  A nice fast into moderately paced but deep corner then into some faster but still quite deep pocket water. What’s not to like, there had to be fish here. I stayed downstream of any potential quarry and watched for a time but again there were no risers…. plenty of biting midges though! So I started fishing and trying to reach a spot over pretty deep water I cleverly looped my team of bugs over a high up tree bough. I tried to release it but snap! River six, angler nil. The water was deep enough that it warranted a longer tippet section so I went for 6 feet with two droppers now and in a rare but inspired move I popped on a small black nymph with a UV bead on. I thought this might be useful in the darker deeper far from clear, water in front of me, I even remembered that I had the flashlight function in my phone and “energised” the bead so it was glowing nicely as I proceeded to fish. Nothing from the deeps or the faster riffles and I fished covering all the wee nooks around the big boulders that are in this section. I went round the corner a bit and tried there when you guessed it managed again to loop my flies around another overhanging branch. Once was not a surprise, twice was unlucky, but three times was getting careless. River- nine, angler – nil.

A small wild Brown Trout

Nothing but bonnie wee wildies to show tonight

I tried again to release it and snap, another team of bug suspended over the river from a tree, but this time I could reach them with my rod tip. I decided to try at least snap off a couple of the bugs with my rod tip and if I was lucky they would stay hooked to the rod ring if they didn’t fall in the water. However, I did better than that, by some freak of luck I hooked one fly and the entire tippet section just spun free of the branch and I recovered the entire thing! River- six, angler-three!

I really was surprised not to find fish here but slightly dejected headed back upstream. I fished some much faster water that I had passed on the way down and did finally manage two more small but welcome Brown Trout on the wee UV nymph so it did appear to work. I still never seen a fish rise until I got back to the pool where the bait anglers were getting ready to call it a (blank) day.