My intention has been to try get out with the rod some evening this week but the weather once again conspired to see me sat at home most evenings, with the rain battering off the windows.

This evening though turned out bright if a bit breezy, and I took a chance on the hope that if it was windy, hopefully I could find somewhere to cast with it not being too big a problem up at Pendreich. In the event while there was a fairly brisk, and it has to be said, cold wind, it was quite fishable. There were a few anglers out, including one in a float tube, but precious few fish moving and no one really catching. I did hear one splash behind me later on that suggested someone on the dam wall might have hooked a fish but that was about it. The loch was “gie dour” despite there being copious sedge in near the bank. The odd fish did bother to have a go at one now and then but rarely did they show twice and never in a place you could target. I started on the bank but soon tired of snagging in the high weeds that are prevalent round the fringes this time of year, so opted to go get the oars and take the boat out to fish with the wind and without the hazard of vegetation to tackle.