Fishery Appears to have CLOSED again Updated May 2015

Butterstone Loch is a very picturesque fishing water, located on a nature reserve in the Cardney Estate near Dunkeld in Perthshire. Butterstone reopened fully for the 2014 season under new ownership.

Finding Butterstone:

Butterstone is easy to find, follow the A9 to Dunkeld and take the A923 turnoff into the town which takes you in over the River Tay and through the town centre. Continue on the A923 following signs for Butterstone and Loch of the Lowes.

The road is quite twisty and you will find yourself skirting the side of Loch of Craiglush. Carry on past the Loch of the Lowes turning and then you will see Butterstone surrounded by low trees on your right. The opening to the Lodge and fishery is immediately after the loch on your right down a well tarred road with speed bumps. There is ample parking at the fishery lodge.

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Access road: Very good.

Public Transport: None likely, you are out in the sticks here, it might be possible to get a taxi from Dunkeld, and the fare would not be much as its relatively near.

Contact: 01350 724238

Species: Rainbow, Blue  and Brown trout (both wild and stocked) Wild fish are asked to be returned where possible.

Other Species: Pike


The fishery at Butterstone is a moderate sized water, probably about 70 acres in size. Its fairly featureless in terms of shape, being relatively round with two shallow bays at the opposite side from the Lodge. Its basically a large bowl which deepens towards the middle to a maximum depth of around 28feet.

What is unusual about Butterstone, in my admittedly fairly limited experience, is its near gin clear water. In English stillwaters this is the norm, in Scotland most waters have some amount of Peat Staining but there is practically none here. In all but the deeper water you can see right to the bottom when its calm.

With a water like this, fishing is going to be all bout finding the fish and depth on the day. In the shallows its going to be relatively easy to cover all the depths to about 10 feet from a floating line and work out where the fish are, but if they are lying deep like they wer eon my recent visit you need to be prepared to adjust your approach accordingly- move to find the deep water and get on the bottom with a sinking line.



Facilities: Tea and coffee in the lodge up to 09:30, a small selection of flies and light tackle is available- fluorocarbon etc . The Loch has a very nice cafe and restaurant overlooking the water, that is open to non anglers throughout the day and looks first class. The fishery is spotless with great stable bots with plenty of room for two anglers and their gear. You can hire a boat seat ( £5)  if you don’t have one and prefer the comfort of a higher position in the boat. All boats are provided with 40lb thrust electric motors, which proved adequate for the conditions I encountered. Its not a huge water so its unlikely you would encounter scary wild conditions. There are oars in each boat too. Lifejackets are recommended and cost £2 to hire.

Personal Opinions:

A lovely water with hard fighting well conditioned fish. The clear water favour’s the stealthier approach and don’t be afraid to fish the “hang”, the fish can see for yards. The margins look to be top spots for some top water or near surface sport, on all but the hottest brightest days, and I would love to fish here on a summers evening. Really nothing to criticise, very friendly and helpful staff, nice boats, a scenic location and strong fish.


Value for moneyVery good, nice surroundings, at the upper end of the Scottish pricing scale but you get a boat with a motor, a five fish limit per angler and an 8 hour day. Not bad at all.

Catch and Release Policy: Very Good Very good, you can have a sporting ticket or revert to C&R once a bag limit is reached but barbless hooks and no boobies on C&R.

Website: GoodA very modern easy to navigate and informative website. Little to criticise though fishery reports are a little lacking in detail ( flies and anglers info) and may occasionally be a bit late appearing. Amongst the better fishery websites you will come across. The website has a RSS feed ( very welcome) and a facebook page thats worth “liking”.

Overall: Very GoodI have to say , having only been once so far ( more trips planned) that Butterstone is already one of my favourite trout fisheries to wet a line at. A great location, great fishing and facilities. Highly recommended.