The Carron Valley reservoir is a 1000 acre expanse of water- created by the flooding of the Carron Valley in the 1930’s. It is one of the largest expanses of fresh water in the central belt of Scotland and also one of the most popular large still water venues for trout fly fishing north of the border. It is location for numerous competitions both at regional and International level and I suppose is Scotland’s version of Rutland Water or Grafham (but without the shrimps!).
For anglers used to fishing Scotlands smaller still water fisheries, this is a seriously large venue. Fishing from the bank is possible though if you plan to walk round the reservoir, expect a long trek if you wish to fish the further afield shores, though you could, permit purchased, jump in your car and drive to an access point closer to your desired angling location. ( almost 4 miles of the north shore are available for bank fishing)

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The loch harbors both stocked Rainbows as well as stocked and native Brown Trout
Fishing is session based so again like places such as North Third, you need to be there on time either 9am or 5:30 pm for the session you are interested in fishing.
Prices are currently in line with those of the other local fisheries, coming in at roughly £22 (2011) for a full session of approximately 8 hours per angler. ( with the boat fishing this includes the cost of hire, lifejackets and engine+fuel)
There is a catch limit of 4/5 fish per rod (Catch limits are confusingly contradictory on the Carron Valley website whether you look here, or here.)

As far as I could ascertain boat fishing has a bag limit of 4 fish and bank fishing 3. After that Catch and Release is allowed on barbless or debarrbed hooks.


Access by car is easy simply head west out of Denny and watch for the 50 meter high dam blocking off the valley! The fishery entrance is on the right immediately after the dam wall. There is reasonable car parking but it can get congested at busy times. Over spill parking can be had by the dam. There is no public transport out here to the best of my knowledge, nearest bus would probably be Denny with a 15 minute taxi needed to reach the venue. Mobile phone coverage is poor so if relying on taxis prebook the return trip, don’t rely on calling from the fishery.


For angling there are loads of boats with outboards, but Pre book to be sure of getting one, this is a busy water at weekends. The fishery has small stocks of flies and small tackle for sale like mono and fluorocarbon. There is a disinfecting area and weighroom to the rear of the carpark. The reservoir is seasonal and closes for the winter, hardly surprising given its size and the likelyhood of it freezing over in the depths of winter.


The website is fairly modern on appearance but lacks any sort of regular updates or reports. Also there is a little contradictory info on some pages.


Rainbow and Brown Trout (wild and stocked). There are tons of small fry and minnows in the margins and I am sure I saw small roach jumping though I may be wrong in this. One would imagine a pike or two here also.

Personal Opinion

I have to say on my only visit to Carron Valley, though the size is intimidating, I was impressed. Certainly I got the impression there was no lack of fish, there were loads where I fished from. The fish quality was good too and all the fish I caught were fully finned and strong, I have heard a few complaints on some bulletin boards suggesting poor quality fish. As most anglers appear to loiter near the dam wall and I would speculate a lot of the new fish go in here, then there is a high probability that the fresher fish caught are going to be in less good condition. This is probably true of many fisheries, especially those that don’t rear their own fish on site.

Cartainly its a fishery I look forward to revisiting again this season.

Value for money: Good

£22 for a 9-5 session is not bad at all with a boat, its well stocked as far as I can tell and judging by th enumber sof anglers a popular venue.

Catch and release Policy: Good

I don’t think there is a specific C&R ticket but you are allowed to fish C&R if you want under a normal ticket.

Overall: Good

A huge venue with lots of variety available in term sof locations to fish , not too expensive and fish close to double figures ar einthere- I seen an 8lb’er taken from the water.