Wellsfield Fishery

(Updated February  2017)

Finding Wellsfield

Wellsfield is a modern fishery at the back of a farm/leisure complex, man made and consisting of three lochans, on the Denny road, coming from Stirling.  From Stirling Services take the Denny turn off and head along this road until you see a tree line on the hill on the left running parallel to the road. The Wellsfield Farm entrance is next left and pretty obvious as it has an Equestrian Centre, Gym, Holiday cottages as well as the fishery. In 2014 the front area of the farm set up as a large childrens leisure park, it can be very busy at weekends, however the fishery has separate parking so don’t be put off if it appears mental busy at the entrance.


Two lochans are fly only with the third being a bait loch though you can fly fish there if you can find a space.

Lochan Uaithne on a sunny afternoon

Lochan Uaithne on a sunny afternoon

  • Lochan Hearadh
    5 acres of Fly Fishing from the bank (19ft deep, 45 pegs).
  • Lochan Uaithne
    4 acres of Fly Fishing from the bank (18ft deep, 20 pegs).
  • Lochan Fionn
    3 acres of mixed Fly and Bait fishing from the bank (20ft deep, 25 pegs).

Facilities: There is a small shop/office next to the lochs that sells a small selection of tackle and baits for the bait fishing enthusiasts, hot food and drinks.

The Fishery seems to cater well for disabled anglers with Wheelchair access catered for both at the gate and at the lochside.

It can be very busy at weekends though so be warned you may struggle to find a decent peg to fish from. If there is a wind all the space is going to be on the “wrong” side!

Casting Instruction is available by arrangement on site.

Access road: It’s a farm so its not motorway smooth luxury, its a dirt track up a hill about 400 yards long however its not that bad and easily accessible even in a low slung motor, no big potholes to catch you out.

View Wellsfield Trout Fishery in a larger map

Public Transport:The entrance to Wellfield is on the main Denny-Stirling Road so while I am not knowledgeable on bus routes and have not seen one myself, I have a suspicion that there would be a bus that passes the gate on occassions and it may be possible to get here on the bus. You definitely could get a Taxi here from Denny or Stirling- its probably about 8 miles from the centre of Stirling so guage fares accordingly.

Contact: 01324 822800 Note:I  have phoned the number a few times to get info on conditions and a call answering system takes the call and tells you to call back when there is someone there. Not very helpful!

This is a Troutmasters water but I notice they regularly only submit a single winner and don’t offer to enter your fish if it was a decent size. I guess you need to ask which is a bit lacking in Customer care in my view.

Personal Opinion (updated 2017)

Its modernity is both the source of its good and bad points in my opinion.

A snowy Lochan Hearadh

A snowy Lochan Hearadh

The Lochs are pretty well established since my last review back in 2012. On this latest visit the place was very well tended, all the pegs have seats and bins and the grounds are immaculately kept. The water in the spring fed lochans is literally gin clear. Bombay Saphire Gin- you know the blue stuff? The Blue tinge comes, I am told from food colouring being added to the water to try inhibit weed growth by reducing UV penetration. I have heard of this technique at another fishery so it seems to be a commonly used practice these days. The place teems with damsel flies in particular which no doubt find egress from the water easy with the clumps of tall reeds, water plants and wild flowers that exist in the spaces between pegs.

Perched as it is at the top of a hill its very exposed to the elements and is not a place to head on a windy day. The Bait Loch is more secluded and surrounded by trees so may benefit from a spot of shelter but that said its usually busy with bait anglers and there is not a lot of casting room.

A fine 3lb Rainbow from a snowy Wellsfield

A fine 3lb Rainbow from a snowy Wellsfield

As it’s modern, thought has been given to ensure a clear area around all the pegs where you really should not be getting in a tangle with trees or bushes at your back. The pegs are simple affairs not being platforms really. The Lochs have a wave system to provide de-icing in all but the very worst cold weather. I was up there this winter and while most of the lochs were ice covered there were a couple of ice free holes about 30 yards across on the larger loch and a one on the lower. The fishery stocks some very large fish, and doubles are not unusual.

I have found it to be a fairly friendly place with the anglers on the lochs and you always get a bit of chat or banter from others there willing to share their tactics.

Value For Money (Updated May 2015.):ExcellentNow that C&R has been introduced the prices are very competitive with a 4hour ticket being £12 which is pretty good.

Catch and Release Policy:Excellent (Updated May 2015.) Wellsfield now supports Catch and Release. Anglers fishing catch and take can on reaching their bag limit continue to fish on a C&R basis. Wellsfield have also introduced a Sporting ticket, for C&R only. Good News. You can see the C&R rules in this PDF of Wellsfield rules.

Website: Being part of a leisure facility as it is, it has a modern easy to navigate website. The fishery reports are published weekly in pdf format- probably easy for them to manage via a word processor but as a result there are no archived reports so once its gone its gone! A webcam view would be good of the three lochs. Again a table stating the current Troutmasters standings for the month would be useful.


Overall: Average I have tried really hard to be objective. It is a nice enough fishery, clear water and on the whole well kept with nice fish and stocked regularly. But following a recent visit ( February 2017) and having reviewed my comments  from previous reviews and seeing several statements to the same effect, I have to conclude that their appalling treatment of anglers/customers, the very take it or leave it attitude does them no favours and there are so many friendlier fisheries in the area to choose from.  I can only in my heart of hearts give them a three and even that is through gritted teeth! I will need to be desperate to return now or see a change in staff attitudes.





  1. Ron Shephard
    June 2, 2013 @ 16:03

    My brother and I are fishing Wellsfield on thursday and I clicked on your location map for directions. Strangely the lochans are present on the ordinary and terrain map but not on the terrain map, where there is just grass, possibly an old map prior to the fishery being built.


  2. Ron Shephard
    June 2, 2013 @ 16:05

    Sorry Kenny – it’s the Satellite map that is missing the lochans.


    • unfamous
      June 2, 2013 @ 17:40

      Hi Ron
      As you aluded to in your other comment, the satellite pic I think dates back to about 2001 ish, ( going by the satellite view of my house that I would imagine was taken on the same day ) and I suspect the lochans were not dug out then. If you look on Bing maps you will see them ( they obviously use later dated satellite images).
      Hope you have a good time, they have some big fish, but make sure you don’t have too much success too early on as they don’t have any catch and release and once you’ve bagged up your done.


  3. Ron Shephard
    June 4, 2013 @ 20:53

    Their lack of a catch and release policy is pretty rubbish as I could pay my money and catch my limit in an hour or less. Don’t know why they don’t do it, as the majority of others do and many encourage it by allowing catch and release tickets.


    • unfamous
      June 4, 2013 @ 21:11

      Totally agree Ron. I don’t really pay to go fishing to get some fixed quantity of fish, I like to fish for a set period and if I blank I blank, if I hammer them I hammer them I can take some if I wish but if not then enjoy catching them and returning. I see no reason not to allow C&R if its done right, barbless or debarbed hooks and minimal handling.


  4. Ian Mccall
    December 22, 2013 @ 01:50

    Visited Wellsfield on a few occasions now and every time I go I speak to anglers who tell me they won’t be back. I do have to say that after giving the venue a try multiple times I won’t be back either. The no catch and release policy is crazy, the man who runs it takes great pleasure in telling you that once you catch your limit you’re finished, end of story. He seems to think he is doing us a favour by allowing us to fish it. I also think the owner is resting on his laurels with putting a couple of big fish in every now and again, advertising it then sitting back and taking people’s money. Each time I have visited (4 times in total) at different times of the season I’ve noticed very few fish either being caught or indeed moving. This is at times when other fisheries would have fish rising everywhere. As for the weeds, especially on the lower loch, the place is full of it. if you don’t fish a dry fly then you’ll get snagged in the weeds most times. There are much better fisheries out there that value a fisherman’s business.


    • unfamous
      December 22, 2013 @ 14:42

      Fair comment, I can relate to much of that.


  5. Alex McIntosh
    December 27, 2013 @ 09:18

    Noticed the above comments and feel I had to say something. I do fish Wellsfield regularly. First the weed, all lochans are now virtually weed free and have been since the summer. It can be a difficult place to fish, but who wants easy fishing (defeats the purpose of fishing). The quality of fish is excellent and produce hard fighting rainbows, The staff are very helpful and are happy to have a chat with you. The place is stocked 4 times a week, and it is not all about chucking a lure out and stripping back constantly. large trout are stocked regularly (personally had 5, 14.2/10.6/12.7/12.4/12. As for the no catch and release policy, this is the anglers fault, who wants to see dead fish popping up everywhere, thanks to the anglers lack of knowledge on how to release fish safely back. God knows how many times I saw anglers ripping hooks out of mouths, messing about with the fish for ages, while they chatted to their mates about fly used and how landed, and trying to take photographs, hence Tony decided to do away with the C/R.


    • unfamous
      December 28, 2013 @ 15:02

      In the interests of fairness and having no particular axe to grind either way, I welcome your comments. I do however have to say I have a different view on the C&R policy. I don’t dispute that some anglers will mishandle fish in C&R, and to be fair even the best of us, ( and I consider myself to be well versed in how to release fish when on a C&R ticket) can have problems sometimes, so occassionally you are forced to remove the fish from the water to get a pair of forceps round a fish that wrapped itself in line and hooks. But I always try to ensure the fish is fit to be returned and rested if its been a difficult one to release. It’s best not to net them and use a release tool if you can.( Maybe you could specify you are not allowed a net and only use a release tool as a precondition). All this comes down to angler education. Swanswater for instance has introduced C&R this year, and Orchil has had it for a while too. Menteith allows C&R. I have to say I have not come across a badly damaged fish in any of these locations since C&R was allowed. When I go fishing I go for a time not a bag limit. If I am out for an afternoons fishing I want an afternoons fishing not potentially 15 minutes and then home. He could turn it on its head and charge more for a C&R option if he wanted? Do away with the tagged fish gimmick too and add it to the ticket to fund C&R? Just a thought.


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    January 4, 2016 @ 21:15

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