After weeks and weeks of rain finally we had a weekend of frosty, cold but dry weather and I managed to make it out for a very short 2 hours up at Swanswater after  I had completed my chores for the day!

While the car park looked fairly quiet there were a fair amount of anglers out fishing primarily down the east bank towards the dam but there were a couple of boats out too. Alastair told me though that the fishing was “slow”, though Saturday had apparently been a bit mad with fish taking dries off the top! Today’s fish had mostly been on lures with the odd few taken on buzzers- bloodworm patterns most likely.

A rainbow trout

A colourful and fit Rainbow in the net

I was headed for the platform by the bridge but decided to put a wee stalking bug and have a go around the burn area. I dropped it in right beside the wee foot way over the water and was sure I seen a fish pop out and back but it never came again after a couple more lob’s, so I prospected in near the bank under the dying back reeds and grasses. Bam! fish on! A very fit, brightly coloured Rainbow took the bug and was trying every trick in the book to snap the leader over the metal baffles that crisscross the burn here. I just had to give it loads of welly to keep it lear and hope for the best, and eventually got it to the net OK. A wee photo and then released and I carried on trying along the bank but if anything else was there it wasn’t taking.

A Stalking bug

The wee frosty stalking bug that took the first fish with flecks of ice