First off, sorry there hasn’t been much in the way of updates recently. Partly it’s down to me having no wheels ( now resolved), partly work, partly the weather and sadly the old arthritis has got the better of me recently and not sure I could cast too well or stand too long- but hopefully that settles down soon. Hope so ‘cos I am due to hit the Nith on the opening of the Grayling season on the first of December!

We’ll see.

I made a number of wee step by step videos for just such a premature pause in the flow of things so here is one of what been a killer pattern on the stillwaters for me this year and I recommend having a few of these in your box. The video isn’t showing any particular killer variant, it’s more to show the methodology, you can embellish it as you see fit. Thanks to my old fishing pal, Tommy who showed me this one on our day out at Glensherup this last season.