I was hoping to get out somewhere close to home yesterday but maybe some of the wee fisheries I have not been to in a while but the wind was pretty raw and strong as I got my gear together and it pretty well made the decision for me to dander along to Swanswater.

Four hours credit in hand I made my way up to the main loch and found a spot that allowed me to fish into the bank that was down wind, the wind was pretty strong at times but I fancied keeping to the down wind side to see if fish were following along with the stuff you seem t hear and read a lot that you should try fishing in to a wind at these sort of venues rather than taking the easy option and getting the wind behind you. Well it did nothing for me, I never had a touch on the beaded Fireman lure I started with on a floating line. The floater was adequate with a long leader to allow me to be sure my fly was getting down up the top end as I was catching bottom now and again. I decided to start with a lure as usually I can only fish a wee while with them before it gets to me, so I figured start like that while I was fresh.

I moved on round near the bridge then on to the island and still nothing. I also tried a wee spot of stalking in the burn mouth, not so much as a sign of life.

There was an angler out in a boat facing the dam wall and another on the corner of the wall in the trees and they were clearly hitting fish again and again. The method used from the boat wasn’t so clear but I could see the shore based angler was ripping a lure along on an intermediate line, mostly parallel to the dam wall.

Swanswater skies

Strange skies- the clouds made an odd formation I noticed as I fished, like a big smooth satin sheet.

After trying three or four patterns and spotting that the peg nearest the dam wall at the far side was free I went over there. I swapped to an intermediate line and fished right to the bottom. After a wee while I did eventually get a slow pull that seemed to slacken then tighten again. I kept the tension on and soon realised the fish was still on and started to play it in. Therein followed one of the biggest pallaver’s of trying to get a fish into the net. I must have tried 4 or 5 times and could not get it in. The trouble was the fish had got wrapped in the line and was coming in sideways rather than head first, so as I got the net under the body of the fish it was still able to bolt away. Eventually I got there and the line and hook were easily enough freed and the very pretty Blue Trout was released after a bit of a rest, to swim away.

At this point I felt like I had been fishing for hours but in fact it was just about the 2 hour mark.

I gave it another half hour or so but never had any more sport. The guy on the boat and on the far end of the dam continued to hammer the fish and I think the shore based guy ended up on 12, and the boater couldn’t have been far behind. The fly catching was a Cats whiskers fished right on the bottom. The wind was pretty hard at times though and I was tiring quickly pulling lures- not really my style. I noticed the boat angler was by now on buzzers under a bung ( it seemed) though I never seen him catch on this set up while I was watching anyway.

The Meadow Pond was quite busy so I went off down the Mill pond and tried my luck there with some smaller patterns. I did get a Perch and one good solid pull for my troubles but it never stayed on and by now light was fading. So at least not a blank but it just shows how being at the right spot at the right time can change a day from hard going to too easy.

PS. If you are thinking of entering the Swanswater day after Boxing Day charity competition ( it’s just a bit fun, nothing too serious)  they are taking entries now, £5 in advance to book a place and I think a further £15 on the day.