Before I start

First off, I am a wee bit behind on getting my latest blog post out, if you visit the site at all regularly it can’t have escaped your notice that it looks a bit different. It is very much a work in progress and I am not settled on the layout yet and have a lot of work to do but it’s finally heading in the right direction following a few technical challenges which ended up with me totally wiping the site and starting afresh ( though the content has been retained). As I work through things, some stuff might move around which hopefully will make for a more useful site in future. Also, some images might look a wee bit grainy. I spent a lot of time optimizing photos to slash the load times but there are a few I am not that happy with

But on with the fishing.

Sunday Fishing

We had a guest over on Saturday night so an early start wasn’t an option on Sunday. Plus, did you see the weather on Saturday….. how crap was that? A wet cold day ended up with snow coming down and my thoughts drifted from any likelyhood of getting out at the weekend.

To be honest even on Sunday I was of a mind to head out with the Mrs and take in some of the Christmas festivities somewhere like Edinburgh, but she soon put paid to that idea and I ended up looking at the clock thinking, do I head out or not.

I decided, I do.

It was already after 12 though and days are short so I took the quick option and just went round to Swanswater…..lets call it practice, for the Day After Boxing Day competition, in aid of Strathcarron Hospice.

I wasn’t really practicing, and neither was anyone else it seemed, but for one other angler who was setting up in the car park as I arrived. We had the place to ourselves. I was told by Ian, that one other angler had had five fish in rapid fire up the top end of the main water in the morning then nothing elsewhere.

As I wandered through the gate the other lad ( his name was Willie he later told me) was up that top end. No stress, I wasn’t going to be pushed for space and I caught sight of movement near the dam wall in any case, I started on the second or third peg up just to the left of the first big bush.

Rainbow on the Christmas Tree decoration
A chunky Rainbow that was getting on for 4lb in weight, the debarbed “fly” dropped out as soon as I netted it.

No more than 4 casts of my intermediate line with the Christmas tree decoration on ( I am starting to wonder if I can even call it a fly!) and I was in to my first fish. The take was gentle but it felt very heavy on my line. I initially thought I had two fish on, but on seeing a bit of a lump of a Rainbow on the end figured it just had to be a decent fish. In fact though, I suspect that for at least a portion of the fight, I might have had some weed or something over my line. About half way through the play of the fish it definitely went lighter and I then managed to get the fish to the net. A good solid Rainbow of I would guess getting on for 4lb. Despite the prolonged fight it had no hesitation when I let it out the net. Off like a rocket.

Two more casts and number two was on. Another Rainbow, maybe 3-3.5lbs. Then maybe 15 minutes later number three was on another similar sized fish.

Boats in the snow at Swanswater
A wintery scene on a cold still day at Swanswater

I really could not complain at that. Things quietened off and I worked my way round the main water. I had  few follows and pulls at most of the pegs- barring the one that had been the morning hotspot apparently, but it seemed to go rather dead. Even for my last half hour down on the wee ponds, nothing really seemed to be in the mood to take a fly, though Willie, who had made his way down there earlier ( don’t think he had anything up on the main loch) said he had a few follows but they weren’t for taking.

Still a nice cold day to be out and it feels a lot like winter is finally here.