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2012 a year in review

2012 has undoubtedly been a rubbish year for me on a personal level, probably the most rubbish ever. The fishing it has to be said wasn’t even much of a consolation though it did have its notable high points.

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The Trout and the Fly

I read with sadness the other day that John Goddard, well known angler and angling author had passed away. A few flies have been named after John, like the Goddards Sedge/caddis patterns. He was a bit of an influence on me in my early attempts at fishing the fly.  It’s somewhat coincidental but I found some material on YouTube a few weeks back and was going to post some links on my Media links section but had not got round to it, so this will prompt me.

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Making it hard

I have struggled to get out much recently as my thumbs are adding to the joint pain issues at present and I wasn’t able to grip much in my right hand let alone cast a fly rod.

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