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Catch and Release

Last weekend I was on a train from Stirling to Dundee with my wife. As we left Perth I was browsing my phone when my wife said ” oh, look at all the people fishing”. Right enough I just caught, as the train flew by, the sight of a few anglers on a lochan under Friarton Bridge, where the M90 crosses the Tay.

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Hot and Cold

Another wee trip down the Clyde Valley looking for Grayling, another bright sunny and a fair bit colder morning, another slightly dirty and lifted river.

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The Grayling Slayer

Sunday and I was practically pushed out the door to go fishing by the Mrs. To be honest it was either fishing or back to bed as I was frankly shattered for reasons too convoluted and irrelevant to the story to relate to you here. The sun was shining, it was a fine looking day and I opted for getting out.

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Learning new lines

Ordinarily, I would have just gone out and bought another identical line….but no! They have “updated the range”. Now there is no longer a simple choice of a Greys Platinum line in a 7# oh no, that would be too simple, now you have a Stealth, a Shoot and an Extreme.

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