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Frogs Fanny

So verdict? for me it won’t be replacing my Shimzake but I will continue to use it until the bottle runs out which probably won’t be long at the rate the stuff blows away taking the brush out the bottle. I will be saving the brush for my Shimzake afterwards!

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Snowbee Hat Magnifiers

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this particular item of tackle.

Snowbee Cap mounted magnifiers
I find now as an aging angler in my 6th decade of life, that my eyes are starting to deteriorate. I take this badly, I have had pretty well perfect eyesight my whole life and even now when I go for an eye test the optician tells me my eyesight is better than it has any right to be for my age. However being that I have had good eyes, I guess I am taking it worse as I find I can’t see close up things.

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The Fly Tidy

The fly tidy is a simple idea that needed someone to turn into reality. In essence it’s a plastic tray ( not sure what type, maybe polyurethane) with the ability to mount a fly tying vice by the shaft ( thus dispensing with either the clamp or heavy weight base). What this then allows is truly portable fly tying.

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