This is a new product that as far as I know is only available through Get Slotted and made by Plana Fly. The wax comes in a number of fluorescent colours, pink, white, yellow, red and orange, though the Orange and Yellow seem only to come in a twin pack.

The wax comes in the format that you see with ladies lipstick. A stick with a screw-in bottom that allows the wax to be pushed beyond the packaging tube. The idea of the wax is you can smear it on your leader material without the need to “break in” to a set up to insert some sort of inline nylon indicator. The beauty of it is that you could be out with a set up for fishing one method and can quickly add an indicator section and change styles without much more than adding a few dabs of wax and changing your flies to suit.

I found application to 3lb Stroft was easy, I merely extended the wax to be accessible in its tube then run the section of line I wanted Orange, through it, I did it twice for each section, front and back to make sure I had fully coated the line and it seemed to work well. Using the wax means your indicator can be as long or short as you like, leaving as long or short a tippet section as you want. Ideal for changes in depth. You can also use colours to suit the conditions. If you have fished conventional inline indicators of nylon or braid you will be well aware that no indicator works perfectly in all light. This should help in this regard. The wax can be wiped off with tissue or a rag. I also detected, though it doesn’t say on the website or packaging, that the wax maybe provides some buoyancy to your tippet along the lines of the way mucilin does. Maybe not as much but enough to allow for changes from short to long line nymphing.

I am also tempted to try it as a means to add an indicator to the tip of a fly line( say a white or lighter colour) for use when  fishing buzzers for example. I am sure it would work and make the line a little more visible in grey conditions.

I was incredibly impressed with the wax and will definitely have it in my river bag all the time now as a must have. I have only got the Orange and Yellow but it works really well in what I have tried so far. And it is not expensive, You could get all the colours for pretty much the cost of a manufactured inline indicator.Excellent