Glencorse Reservoir is located in the Pentland Hills to the South of Edinburgh, near Easter Howgate off the A702.

Finding Glencorse Reservoir:

Boats out on Glencorse.

Anglers enjoying pleasant surroundings at Glencorse fishery

Finding Glencorse is easy though you might think you have gone wrong occasionally!

Head for Edinburgh and the Edinburgh City Bypass and take the junction signposted A702 and Penicuik at Fairmilehead, below the highly visible Hillend Dry slope ski centre.

Stay on the A702 heading south, don’t be tempted down the Penicuik opening which splits off to the left. The road winds around the edge of the Pentlands for a few miles until you reach Easter Howgate, just through here, watch for the Flotterstone Inn on your right, and turn in here.

There is a sign, though it might not be immediately obvious, for Loganlea Reservoir Trout Fishery. Loganlea is further up the same access road as Glencorse.

Access road: 4-stars

Good- but lots of foot traffic so go slow and take your time, be courteous to other road users.

Public Transport:2-stars

Buses will pass through Easter Howgate though it’s a good two and a half mile walk up the hill with boat fishing gear, a car is highly recommended.

Contact: 07762038407

Species: Rainbow, Blue, Brook and Brown trout (wild and stocked). Wild fish are asked to be returned where possible.

Other Species: Unknown

Size: Estimate- 150 acres


Boats at Glencorse

The boats lined up for a day’s fishing at Glencorse Reservoir

The Glencorse reservoir is an L shaped reservoir nestled in the surrounding Pentland Hills. The hills afford some shelter to the loch but equally can be a funnel for local weather and you might experience four seasons in a day there. Regardless of the time of year, go prepared for anything and you will be fine.

In many ways the reservoir is an ideal size, not so big you can’t get round it all in a day’s outing, but not so small you are getting crowded in with other boats. It does narrow down about half way up the leg on the way to the top end so go carefully if passing fishing boats. You would be strongly advised to take an electric outboard and a boat drogue is essential. The excellent Coulam boats though do have oars as you would expect and can be rowed if necessary.

If I was beamed into the top section and not told where I was it could easily be confused with Glensherrup reservoir as the top end is very reminiscent with little shallow cuttings into the rocks. Apart from at the very top end, there are no really shallow areas. There is decent depth almost right up to the edge all the way round as far as I can tell. It is weedier near the top end.

Glencorse reservoir

A panoramic view from the lower half facing back towards the roadsidee shore with the boat house to the right and the island in the middle


There is a small lodge for the boat keeper but I am not aware of any specific facilities for anglers

Personal Opinions:

A weather front blows through

You might experience four seasons in a day in the hills so go prepared regardless of the forecast

A pleasant fishery that appears to be popular with clubs especially on weekends. Make sure you have booked ahead before just turning up! The fish vary in size from the hand sized Browns ( wild obviously) up to the typical stocked giants. I assume the smallest rainbows stocked are around a pound to a pound and a quarter, judging by my own catch.

Being higher in the hills the water might take a bit longer to respond to warmer weather so fly life might be better later in the day. However, when it appears, you can expect to see sedge and the danica sp. Mayfly can put an appearance from time to time.  However don’t be afraid to fish with damsels and blobs to hook a rainbow, especially if you find it’s the wee Browns taking your bushy wets or dry flies.

Value for money4-stars

Not bad, maybe a little pricey. Currently (2018) £58 for a two man boat with an 8 fish boat limit at a weekend. Prices reduce for weekdays, evenings , half sessions and catch and release only tickets. As the boats are not equipped with any sort of motorised propulsion you will have to make your own judgement in comparison to some fisheries where an outboard is included.

Catch and Release Policy:5-stars

Excellent. Catch and Release is allowed.


OK but seems to have about a dozen different fonts and character cases, which makes reading it a bit tiresome. Pick a font, choose standard leading capitals and lower case and I think it might be easier to view lads!

Overall: 4-stars

Not a bad fishery at all, seems well kept, with nice boats. A good range of stocked fish in sizes from around a pound to big enough to give you a fight you will remember for a while. Would maybe like to see propulsion offered with the boats at these prices though imagine being a little off the beaten track it might be hard to arrange for them.