Frandy Trout Fishery is located just off the Glen Devon Road which runs between Gleneagles and Muckhart. Its a moderately large water I would estimate to be around 150 acres or so being relatively long and narrow with a dogleg shape. You may remember Frandy Trout Fishery from the Popular Hooked on Fishing series with Paul Young, in the episode Glendevon Trout. This and other episodes are available on the DVD Hooked On Fishing With Paul Young Box Set [DVD].

Paul Young on Frandy
Paul Young fishes Frandy Trout Fishery for Hooked on fishing in the 1990’s. Note the wooden boat of the time.

Finding Frandy Trout Fishery :

I believe the “formal” name of Frandy is Lower Glendevon Reservoir and it sits up in the Ochil Hills not that far from Stirling as the crow flies though it’s a bit of a box round the area to get there. You can approach from either the Muckhart end if coming from Edinburgh or the East and


Access Road:

Quite rough in places so take your time but OK in a normal car. Watch for passing places. It is a fair distance off the main road.


Public Transport:

None, and not easy to get to without a car. The fishery is about a mile in from the entrance off the Glen Devon road.

Sat Nav: FK14 7JZ

Contact: 01259 781352

Species: Rainbow and Brown trout

Other Species: Not known


Frandy trout fishery
Frandy looking towards the dam wall

Frandy Trout Fishery is the lower of two fairly large former reservoirs. I am not sure if Frandy is still used for public water supply, some of the signs would suggest it is, but the fishery is run independently of the water company’s arrangements. Its high in the hills so it can be exposed and windy depending on the wind direction and you should go dressed appropriately for the changeability these areas are prone to. For understandable reasons, Frandy is not open in the winter!


Tea and coffee in the “lodge”, the fishery allows bank fishing as well as fishing from one of the dozen or so stable and tidy boats, each equipped with a 4 stroke outboard engine and oars.

Personal Opinions:

Boats at Frandy
Boats at Frandy

Frandy Trout Fishery is a popular fishery with locals and clubs so is probably a fairly pressured location (quite surprising given its location) relative to many waters of this type due to it being a membership water as well as a public fishery. ( Season tickets are available)  . Though large I found it a little “uninteresting” compared to many stillwaters of a similar nature, lacking the bays and changing depths. The main basin seems fairly deep and round the corner shallows off right up to where the burn enters at the top.
I like the fact they give you a nice well maintained boat and engine, however, I need to comment on the engines. They are obviously budget variants and as such are always in gear and have no reverse. You need to turn them round. For me this is a bad thing, manoeuvering the boat is tricky and if a line is carelessly left in the water as you start the boat, or a drogue line, there is a real risk of a tangle with the prop. It happened to my boat partner and he was driving the boat so knew what he was going to do and still got in a tangle. Also if you tip the engine foot up for any reason the engines seem very hard to start afterwards. I seen two other boats apparently disabled with dead engines while I was there so am sure it’s not a one off.


Value for money:

Pretty good as larger waters go and considering there is a boat and engine provided. Memberships would work out quite economical if its location suited you and you could get there regularly.


Catch and Release Policy:

Very Good. You can choose to fish catch and take and then C&R or C&R only for some very reasonable rates.


Website and Facebook:

Not bad, well laid out if a bit dated looking but has regularly updated reports which for me is the main function of a fishery website



Frandy Trout Fishery for me is a place I have to admit being a bit ambivalent about. I have had some good sport on some of the outings I have been to there, and admittedly the weather has been less than kind on some visits, but I still can’t help but feel a bit so, so about it. It’s strange as just along the glen there is Glensherup which is similar, maybe a bit smaller and I love the place.

However I know several anglers who not only rave about Frandy Trout Fishery but are members and pay the couple of hundred pounds each year for a season ticket. The season ticket I think works out quite good value if you can get up there for 20 outings a season or thereabouts. I don’t think the season tickets include boats. But overall there is little to complain about, other than the always in gear, no reverse outboard engines.