Harviestoun Trout Fishery is a relatively new angling location in the shadow of the Ochil Hills and in sight of Alva Glen.

Finding Harviestoun:

Harviestoun is easy to find, from Stirling follow the A91 towards Kinross, through Alva, and watch for the entry to the access road on the right just after leaving the Alva town limit. If coming from the Kinross direction, after passing through Tillicoultry on the A91 towards Stirling just before Alva is a bend, the entrance to the fishery is on the left just after this bend. if you reach Alva you have gone too far.

The gravel access road heads towards two modern ranch style houses through a somewhat grand gateway, and then the fishery itself is off a side track about 150 yards on the left.

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Access road: Good, just take your time to avoid flinging stones up.

Public Transport: As the entrance is just off the A91 and there are regular bus services from Stirling, through Menstrie, Alva and Tillicoultry, it is likely you could ask a bus to stop at the entrance. If not the nearest marked stop is on the Westbound side of the A91 in Alva next to the Alva Industrial estate entrance, about 800 yards away.

Contact: 07968 418500

Species: Rainbow, Blue, Tiger, Brook and Brown trout.

Other Species: None


The fishery at Harviestoun is a small still water lochan which is fairly featureless, being a fairly man made oval shape probably of about 6-7 acres.
Average depth is about 8 feet with a deeper channel down to 15 feet in the middle. There is a small burn inflow through a pipe at the East end and an overflow at the west end.

Harviestoun fishery lochan

Harviestoun fishery lochan from the east end: excuse the raindrops on the lens

A noteable feature of the water is the wide variety of aquatic life for a relatively new water. ( I assume its relatively new though I have heard comments on a web forum that perhaps the lochan has been established longer than its been a commercial fishery). On my visit there were lots of small fish and tadpoles, and copious quantities of sedge and midges hatching throughout the day. UPDATE: it transpires the locah has actually been there about 20 years though was neglected for a good period of that time before the new owner cleaned it all up and opened it as a fishery. This explains the prolific aquatic life, its pretty well established.

Harviestoun east

Harviestoun looking east

Facilities: Tea and coffee in the lodge up,  a fairly large by fishery standard, selection of flies and light tackle is available- fluorocarbon etc .  There are toilets adjoining the lodge ( a converted stables by the looks of things). The Fishery has numerous casting platforms spaced out over the water.  The fishery offers fishing lessons by arrangement.

Personal Opinions:

A scenically located small still water, though a little featureless the lochan seemed pretty clear and there was no doubt there were fish there to be caught even if they were not suicidal on my outing- not a bad thing. Not a bad little water and seems to be popular with local anglers. The owner was very friendly and welcoming and was keen to give advice on what was catching. The South bank has quite a steep slope to it so it can get in the way a little when casting if you don’t take care. A few small criticisms though, casting platforms covered in Chicken wire: I understand why its done but this has to be one of my number one pet hates, it snags and damages everything, lines, hooks, leaders and clothes ( if you are kneeling down to release fish). There has to be a better way, why not use astroturf, like some fisheries are now doing or make the boards on the platform more grippy? UPDATE: I am very pleased to say that the fishery has started to take this idea and is not putting astroturf on the casting platforms. they are not all done yet but its good to see the views of anglers being responded to. Well done!

Harviestoun West

Harviestoun looking West under the reflection of the Ochils

No where to dispose of old line or rubbish, each platform should have some sort of waste bin , and finally no where to sit, now you don’t necessarily need a bench at each platform but why not a bin that doubles as a wee stool to allow you to rest your legs while you change flies?

Value for money: Good, nice surroundings, you can opt to take fish  and once bagged up fish on C&R.

Catch and Release Policy: Very Good Very good, you can have a sporting ticket or revert to C&R once a bag limit is reached but barbless hooks, 6lb minimum line and single fly on C&R.

Website: GoodA very modern easy to navigate and informative website. Little to criticise though its built on a vista print template so not especially original . Amongst the better fishery websites you will come across. The website has a  facebook page thats worth “liking” and the reports were up to date.


Overall: GoodI enjoyed my visit to Harviestoun and will likely visit again, it seems a pleasant wee spot and had plenty top of the water sport on offer, with hard fighting fish, the issue withthe castin gplatforms was my biggest criticism and hopefully would be sorted out sometime. UPDATE: My latest visit builds upon my previous impressions, the fishery has taken steps to improve the chicken wire situation and continues to offer great customer service by way of advice and help. A few angling acquaintences of mine have also spoken highly of it this year too especially the quality of fish being stocked, which I can only back up, they are superb. More of a four and a half stars!