Pitsford Pirate Fly Lines

These fly lines are available from a trade seller via the Flyfishing forums website.


They can now be bought via the SKB fishing website with a much expanded range.


They are manufactured for him, I believe in the UK and sold at competitive prices through the lack of packaging and “frills”.

I recently had cause to buy a set of 6 weight lines to go with my Snowbee Prestige 9ft 6# travel rod.

I purchased the following variants

  • WF6 Floating (orange)
  • WF6 Sink Tip (White /olive green tip)
  • WF6 Intermediate (light blue)
  • WF6 Neutral Density (olive green)

The two “ new” types for me are the Sink tip and the Neutral density lines. As I have suitable lines in the right weights for my other rods I have not seen fit to even unpack the floater or the Intermediate so far, but once I get more spools for my reel I will do so and report on them. For now the only one I have actually used in anger is the Sink Tip.

All the lines come with a pair of matching leader loops and a small tube of super glue- so good value. Only point to be aware of is if paying by Pay Pal you will be asked to pick up the Paypal handling charge on the transaction. Its not so onerous when you are paying roughly £15 per line for what seem to be pretty high quality items.

Post Script: I personally would and probably will purchase lines from PP as the lines themselves are pretty good value. However in the interests of balance you may be interested in this page I found on the Rowbank AC website. Clearly a dissatisfied customer though it does not really state why. I guess people with complaints are always going to be more vocal than those who are happy. If you have any thoughts on the matter please leave a comment. I would add I did contact PP once about my ND line and the guy was willing to help though the “tone” of his email was a little terse in my view and the problem was more bother than it was worth to pursue- needless to say I won’t be wanting any more ND lines, but intend to get maybe another Sink tip in a 7# and maybe an intermediate in an 8# if he does them.