Glenbervie Review Updated July 2015

Looking down the Loch at Glensherup

Looking and feeling more like February than May!

This is a fairly new location for trout fishing in Central Scotland, opening I believe in 2011. Located in Torwood, near Larbert it consists of two ponds, the larger of which is fly only, the smaller, fly and bait fishing. With a few years under its belt the fishery is now well established among local anglers and features in the catch reports of local newspapers. On a recent visit it was apparent that the fishery has a loyal and regular custom. The lady who runs the place, I beleive her name is Marika, is very welcoming and always offering anglers cups of tea and coffee.

The fly pond has a number of defined pegs with casting platforms, and high platforms have now been installed I see along the high bank between the two ponds that were not there on my earlier visit.

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Access road: Good gravel track, well signposted from main road , with plenty of parking.

Ample Car Parking

Ample Car Parking: Note that while you can currently unload your gear at the location pictured, you now park in some spaces on the access road up to the fishery.

Public Transport: As its on the main road between Stirling/Bannockburn and Falkirk/Larbert, I would imagine any service passing through Plean and Torwood will drop you near the entrance.

Contact: 07968 251 832

Species: Rainbow and Brown trout (stocked). All Brown Trout to be returned, all fish over 10lbs to be returned.

Other Species: None significant, maybe minnows!

Size: At a guess 2+3 Acres

Glenbervie flowerbed

The very welcoming entrance to Glenbervie

Facilities:Tea, Coffee, cold drinks and hot and cold snacks are available in a tidy lodge. There seemed to be small items of tackle and bait available also. Glenbervie is a Troutmasters water but how this works with double figure fish I don’t know as they are to be returned. The fishery shows the signs of being very well tended, and if I might be so bold as to say a ladies touch. The entire fishery is spotless, well ordered, immaculately kept, and their is even a flowerbed at the very welcoming entry gate.

Glenbervie top pond looking towards lodge

The Glenbervie top pond looking towards lodge

Personal Opinion:

Returning after a few years the fishery has matured somewhat, there are marginal plants all around the main fly pond but its clear they aren’t allowed to become intrusive to anglers and there is plenty of casting room and space to sort out your line and hooks without geetting snagged in vegetation. The water itself has plenty of plant life to harbour invertebrate life but the lady works very hard keeping the weed down to acceptable levels. On my latest visit I seen her in the water ( not in waders by the way!) clearing weeds and generally keeping the place tidy. It’s clear by the immaculate appearance its gets a lot of care and attention.

Top Pond at Glenbervie

Top Pond at Glenbervie, bait fishing is allowed on this one

I am not sure where the water is taken from but my impression was that it maybe takes water from an intermittent burn running from the weeds. he water on my recent 2015 visit was much clearer than previously. I wouldnt say it was in anyway gin clear, but you can see t e bottom and you can clearly see fish moving below the surface for some distance out, allowing the angler to target fish quite easily. There was a steady flow of water into the main pond, keeping things fresh. There was no shortage of fish in the main pond, with frequent rising fish on my visit and fish visible cruising by the platforms.

Looking South over main pond at Glenbervie

Looking South over main pond at Glenbervie

Value for Money:Excellent A 4 hour catch and release ticket was only £10 which is pretty good value. There are plenty big fish in the pond to provide exciting sport to the angler.

Catch and Release Policy:Fly anglers can use C&R either by choice /permit or after a bag limit, by using barbless hooks.

A colourful Rainbow Trout from Glen Bervie

A colourful Rainbow Trout from Glen Bervie

Website:3stars Modern and easy to navigate but lacks any regular updates or fishing reports. However the local free Stirling newspaper provides a catch report in the sports pages!

Overall:Good My impressions on my latest visit have lifted my opinions of the place considerably. There is clearly a lot of work being done on the upkeep of the fishery, it looks more mature and the lady who runs the place gives all the anglers a warm welcome. The high number of regulars are testiment to the popularity of the place.