Greys GRXi Fly reel

Greys GRXi Fly reel

I have two of these reels one for myself an done for my sons outfit, though I often borrow it for convenience. Reels are a somewhat subjective item, and I do wonder if spending large amounts on some fancy carved from aircraft grade titanium ornament is really worth it. To my mind it only has to do a few things.

  • it needs to hold your line securely and in as tangle free a fashion as possible
  • ideally it needs some mechanism to allow braking to be applied to a fish running from you
  • it needs to allow for easy changing of lines when changing tactics

So it needs interchangeable spools and a drag.

The GRXi from Greys has all this in a fairly basic and budget package. I like the easy to change and cheap to buy plastic spools, it has a large arbor so does not coil the line too tightly- important with lines where memory is an issue, and it has an effective if basic drag. Also it comes with a useful case for bagging up the spare spools and lines.

The reel was so cheap in fact thats part of the reason I bought a second- tacitly for my son- I needed 3 new spools and buying a new reel which comes with 4 was as cheap.

I use mainly 7, 6 and 5 weight lines for most of my fishing and rather than go for a bigger diameter 7/8 weight reel I preferred to opt for the neater 5/6# for all my lines. This gives me the most flexibility with the compromise I have slightly less backing than specified with the bigger lines. I don’t expect this ever to be a major issue- I have yet to have a fish take all or any of my backing.

If I have any complaints about the reel- and I have to say these are nit picking points and are as much down to user error they are, its easy not to quite seat the spool properly thus rendering the click mechanism and drag ineffective, and it gets a little graunchy if submersed in water- silt or grit seem to attract itself to the drag mechanism. The former is easily rectified by ensuring the spool s fully pushed home into the reel and the second point is addressed by giving the reel a good wash in soapy water and oiling up the friction faces when roughness is detected. other than that a great item.

They can be bought especially cheaply through Stirling Angling Centre.