I have decided to have a go at making a SBS video of one of my favourite flies for Grayling fishing, the Red Tag Jig Bug. Its a fly initially shown to me by Top England angler, John Emerson of uniqueflies.co.uk and you can buy these flies there ( tied better than mine!). Its a great point fly when bugging for Grayling, and you can vary the pattern with different thorax, rib and bead colours. I even do an extreme variant in pink that has picked me up the odd fish when they tire of the green. The only constant is the tag of #5 GloBrite floss.

Materials you will need for the standard tie here are:

  • Hook: Hanak H400BL Jig Hook #10-14
  • 3.5mm Slotted Tungsten Bead ( or sized to suit)
  • Body: Dark Olive Glister Dubbing or Lite Brite.
  • Tag: #5 GloBrite Floss
  • Rib: Medium Red Wire
  • Hackle: 1 x CDC Feather ( full type- not long and thin)
  • Thorax : Dark Olive Glister Dubbing

You can also tie it without the hackle- I prefer it with, and you can make the hackle more pronounced by doubling over the feather and using both sides of the stem.

I hope you enjoy the video. I found getting the lighting right very tricky, under the tying lamp it was too shiny and there was a yellow cast and without the light the colours were more natural but its a bit dark. I have opted for the latter for now.