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The Wet Heather…..Fly

I think it is fair to say, if last year we struck lucky with the weather on Islay, it was unlikely we would strike that lucky two year son the trot. The tail end of this “Hurricane Helene” now officially Storm Helene, has landed in Islay at the same time as us.

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New Line

Should I be under a bung? It’s a method I will try but I do my best to avoid until absolutely necessary though there is no doubt to its effectiveness. I had though decided to change to a floater and was finishing the change to this and a three fly cast, a wee beaded nymph on point, a buzzer on top dropper and in the middle that great wee Burnhouse special, the Gary McLurg Wet fly.

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The 500

There are Buzzers, Nymphs, Jigs, Perdigones, Wet Flies, Dry Flies, and mini Lures all in a a wee fly box.

They could be yours, maybe in time for Xmas! Simply Like my Facebook page, Like and share the post and for an extra chance to win, subscribe to this website. Note I share your email address with no one!

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