A wet fly created by Gary, keeper at Burnhouse Lochan Trout Fishery, which I took the liberty of doing a fly tying video on. An unusual, simple and effective wee spider. He never had a name for it, so I named it the “Gary McLurg Wet Fly“.

It has lots of components of well known wet flies. Unusually, a lot of the materials are added either backwards, (the tail for example) or in the reverse order from normal convention. Kind of like a hybrid between a Butcher and a Cruncher.

I am not sure why it is so effective. Every time I have used it at Burnhouse Lochan Trout Fishery it has worked. Maybe Gary has the trout there specially trained.

Only negative is it isn’t the most hardwearing fly. Maybe a wee bit varnish or UV resin would strengthen the body against abrasion by fish’s teeth.