On the principle that if you can’t beat them, join them I have tied a few Snatchers for my next outing to Pendreich. As far as I can tell these style flies are usually tied in 10-14’s but I have an excessive amount of size 16 Buzzer hooks, and being of the mindset that up at the loch, smaller is better, I have tied these in 16’s. So quite small and fiddly but compared to those Barry ties, he was using size 18 and 20’s for some of his Snatcher fishing!

I have tied these with black cock hackles, some with a furnace collar hackle, some with holo butts in red or gold, and bodies in black, Bibio, Olive and Golden Olive. Some have cheeks of Goose biots, some without. Looking forward to giving them a go.

A few are a bit sparser than others but I beleive its meant to be a sparse pattern, though it gets tricky on such small hooks.