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Welcome to The Unfamous Fly. This blog which started as a diary of my fly-fishing in Scotland and further afield, showing the successes and failures of Scottish fly-fishing, has grown since its inception in 2011. It is now one of the highest ranked fly-fishing in Scotland websites and fly-fishing blogs anywhere. It is easy to go on social media or video sites and imagine that anglers go out and catch fish relentlessly every time they are on the water. Fly-fishing, isn't really like that and I try to be honest in reporting on my outings, I post whether I catch or not. The old saying " it's called 'fishing' not catching is very apt". I might go out fly-fishing and get nothing but that doesn't mean it was not enjoyable or worthwhile. 

A good Clyde Grayling

A nice fish over a pound and a half probably more.

I enjoy most aspects of fly-fishing and so I fish rivers, wild or commercial stillwaters and lochs here in Scotland and elsewhere. I also review both the locations and equipment I use and hope this information is useful to my readers. I try to be honest in what I think of places and gear and do my best not to introduce "confirmation bias". Just because I have bought something with my own money or been given something to try doesn't mean I am entirely happy with it every time. Likewise, I might be positive on things others aren't so happy with, I feel no pressure to "conform" and protect my editorial independence.  

The site is continually developing, and the last few years I have tried to increase higher quality fly-fishing related photography to complement my fly-fishing blogs, and now use video a lot to help tell the story or show a location. This will continue into the future.

Please come with me and enjoy my Scottish fly-fishing adventures as I seek out wild Brown Trout and Grayling, and stocked trout of all kinds, as well as occasionally more unusual species. While I have no objection to anglers occasionally taking "one for the pot" personally I am very close to a 100% catch and release angler. Welcome to The Unfamous Fly, fly-fishing adventures in Scotland and beyond.



Top Rated

Coarse In the Vale of Dee

Our cottage is literally 20 yards from the Llangollen canal so I thought I might wet a line in there. I had seen a guy fishing in the canal at Trevor and he was catching on 'bread punch' whatever that is with a tiny wee stick float.

Trout Fishery Reviews


Cocksburn Reservoir (Pendreich)

Cocksburn Reservoir is a small, now disused for water supply, reservoir at the back of Bridge of Allan. While its formal name is Cocksburn Reservoir most locals refer to it as Pendreich which is the name of the surrounding Foresty Commission woodland.



Fly Tying




A points decision

Radek stated in competition terms I won on place points with the biggest Grayling. As ever it wasn't about points it was about being out in the fresh air in good company with challenging fishing. It was also good to be back on the Tummel a river I have missed having not fished it in a while.

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Almost Second but an Also-Ran

Myself and John Watson headed down to the Nith today for what will very likely be my last Grayling outing of this winter season. I doubt I will make it to a river now much before the opening of the trout season which is now a mere couple of weeks away.

A snowy Swanswater looking over the boats.

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